The 9 Biggest Sorority Stories Of 2016

A Chi O Was Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For Having A Tinder

This made national news, and NBD, but you heard it here first. Long story short, a member of Chi O wore letters in one of her Tinder photos, and was later kicked out of her sorority for using the chapter to try to hook up. A lot of the corruption within sororities was exposed. To help make it right, Tinder offered the member a huge scholorship..

Sorority Girls At WVU Hung Vulgar Freshman Move-In Banners

And they were really fucking. A time-honored tradition is to hang some suggestive signs on your house when freshmen move in each year to intimidate them. When fraternities do it, they’re usually accused of being rapey. When sororities do it, it’s just funny, somehow.

Some Humorless Women Tried To Drag Us, So We Dragged Them Right Back

Actual Sorority Move
Oooh, so meta. There’s a subset of sorority women who somehow feel oppressed by the “stereotypes” made about them, and every so often, a group of girls will try to put out some empowering messages about all the good sorority girls do. That’s all good and dandy. But when they tried to drag the other subset of women, the subset that doesn’t give a fuck what people think, in delivering their message, we had some shit to say. Drama ensued.

A 137-Year-Old Chapter Of Theta Was Kicked Off Campus For A Wild Snapchat

It’s sad when any chapter gets kicked off campus, but especially if the chapter hails from the 1800s. The University Of Michigan’s chapter of Theta was removed from campus after some snaps leaked, featuring videos of girls making out covered in chocolate syrup, and photos of them holding Bachelorette party paraphernalia. People called it “an orgy,” which is just ridiculous, because that happens at every mixer.

A Pi Phi Started Nannying For The Biebers

When you aren't ready for the photo and it ends up with literally a million likes…. #thenanny

A photo posted by Taylor Ross (@taylorsrross) on


Ole Miss Freshmen Had The Most Extra Dorm Room Of All Time

Two girls who were clearly born and bred for recruitment, their dorm room photos looked like something out of a magazine. While the rest of us are using plastic sets of drawers, and tacky to hang photos on the walls, these two have customized pillows, and matching everything. Bid.

The Internet Found Out About Door Stacking

And frankly, the reactions were priceless. And our reactions to their reactions were priceless. We completely forgot that normal people don’t know about this really fucking strange, not at all nomal tradition.

Chris Rock Made A Joke About Sororities And People Lost It

Sorority girls went wild attempting to defend themselves, but really, he kind of had a point.

A Lilly Pulitzer Employee Spilled Her Secrets

Okay, so this is technically not sorority news, but close enough. She was a sorority girl, and basically only sorority girls cared about it. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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