84-Year-Old Woman Tried To Divorce Her Husband Because He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her


No one wants to think about their parents having sex. I imagine even less people want to think about their grandparents having sex, but if you think about it, there’s really not that much else to do when you’re old and you’ve already done your morning crossword puzzle.

An 84-year-old Italian woman from Scafati filed for divorce of her 88-year-old husband on the grounds of sexual unfulfillment, because apparently in Italy you can ask the high court to dissolve your marriage if your man isn’t pleasing you right. She told her lawyer that her 88-year-old husband only wanted to have sex twice a month, which wasn’t enough to satisfy this freak in the sheets.

The woman outlived two husbands (or maybe fucked them into their graves) and is seeking her first divorce. Because she is also sassy AF, she felt the need to tell the courts that her current husband is worse in bed than her other two husbands. Ouch.

When the woman explained that she tried to convince her husband to pop a few of those magical blue pills, he refused, citing a heart condition. She refuted the claim by saying “Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time.”

I give grandma props. She tried EVERYTHING to get her husband in the mood, but he’s not taking the bait. I can understand her frustration; a girl has needs.

From Daily Mail:

When asked if she could not possibly find any other activity which could keep her happy and satisfied, the retired teacher said she could not see why she should have to give up sex just because of her age.


[via Daily Mail]

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