8 Things Every Girl With The MESSIEST Room Knows

Messy Room

Being the messy friend, you are generally on the receiving end of a lot of judgment and a little amazement with regard to the condition of your bedroom (and probably your car). Some of you may feel embarrassed, and some of you may be so deep in the messy bedroom game, that you literally aren’t even ashamed any more. Either way, I say, be embarrassed no more. Embrace the clothes piles all over your room, the backseat full of empty Sonic cups, and the unmade bed. It’s time for all the messy, unorganized, cluttered girls all over the world to come together and celebrate all the perks of being the messy friend.

1. You never have to drive.
When your backseat is so full of crap, your friends won’t fit.

2. Your friends’ parents love you.
Compared to you, their child looks like a Merry Maid. You make them thankful that you’re not the one living under their roof.

3. You save a TON of time.
Rather than wasting your life away dusting and vacuuming, you get to go out and live your life.

4. You always spill some kind of food or drink on your shirt, which has made you an expert Oxycleaner.
If there is one thing you do know how to clean, it’s clothes. You have more money invested in Tide pens than in your savings account, and that’s okay. Your friends will come running to you in any stain emergency.

5. You get to go shopping a lot!
You lose stuff on the regular. Your room is like a black hole. You could have sworn that makeup brush was on the bathroom counter, underneath the hairdryer with the towel on top of it. Or maybe it was in the pocket of that one purse. I bet that purse is under that pile of clothes in the chair. Or no, maybe it’s the pile of clothes behind the door. No, it was definitely in the bathroom. Hmm. Oh well. Can’t find it, might as well buy a new one.

6. When you eventually do clean, you really clean.
No speck of dust is safe within your reach. You shampoo the carpets. You clean the dust out of the crevices of your dresser with a Q-tip. You bleach the entire bathroom, iron all the clothes, color code your closet, use your Magic Eraser to whiten all the walls. Your room will be the cleanest room in the entire apartment complex…. for awhile at least.

7. Your friends are easily impressed.
They’ve seen your room look like a tornado ran through it so many times, that even putting the slightest cleaning effort forward will impress them. You hung up one pile of clothes. Or maybe you threw out all those fast food cups piling up on your nightstand. Either way, your friends will gawk when they walk int your room. “Wow! It actually looks WAY better in here than it usually does!”

8. You coined the term “organized chaos.”
You’re not messy, really. You’re definitely not dirty. It’s not like an episode of hoarders where you’d expect to find a half eaten ham sandwich and dead cat underneath your stuff. You may not have everything in a closet or a drawer, but aside from the few exceptions, you pretty much know where everything is. Your friend wants to borrow that black tank tank top from Banana Republic? It’s in the corner, under then pillows, beside my backpack. Looking for a pair of earrings? Under the bed, in a makeup bag, in a suitcase, under a t-shirt.

See, being messy isn’t so bad. Sure, we may not have every detail of our life written down in a planner. We may not always be able to see our floor. We may not make our bed, every day, every week or even every month. But we’ve mastered one thing: we DNGAF.

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