8 Reasons Why You Should Only Date Fraternity Men

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Ladies, after joining a sorority, did you ever think you’d never date a frat guy because they’re all douchebags, self-centered, and only want sex? Well, that may be the case, but if that’s the type of guy you attract, he will be a self-centered douche only wanting to get into your pants whether he’s in a fraternity or not.

Don’t get me wrong, dating a frat guy can be hard, especially when sleazy sorority girls are always at his house trying to get his attention. However, if you know your man only has eyes for you, this is not an issue. Here are several reasons why having a frat boyfriend is the most amazing thing ever.

1. He knows how to dress. If he looks damn good at your formal, he will look damn good at a family wedding or an extravagant birthday party. He’s ambitious. No fraternity man wants to be a deadbeat. Some of the most successful CEOs and prestigious presidents of our beloved ‘Merica are fraternity men.

2. He’s good in bed. Whether it’s because he has plenty of experience, because he feels he has to compete with previous frat guys, or simply because he wants something to brag about, he will give you his all and definitely get you where you want to be. He’s fun–a fraternity guy always knows how to have fun. Never will there be a dull moment, even if it’s just the two of you having some drinks and watching movies.

3. He’s a gentleman. Every fraternity guy wants to be known as a gentleman for whatever reason. Once a guy realizes the importance of being a gentleman, he will treat you like the precious princess you deserve to be treated like.

4. He cares about more than just himself. Being in a fraternity takes loyalty and commitment. He will defend his fraternity and his bros until the end, and that’s an admirable quality to have. One day, if all goes well, he will do that for you.

5. He’s compassionate. Philanthropy is such a big part of being in a fraternity. They put so much effort into an entire week to raise money for a cause they genuinely care about. If they didn’t care, they would spend less time cycling for people with disabilities or protecting their derbies and more time just drinking and dancing in bars or at formals.

6. He’s handsome. Looks aren’t all I’m talking about (even though the best looking guy I know is in a fraternity). Fraternity men just have a confidence that makes them that much more attractive.

7. He has discipline. He will always speak to your friends and family with respect, because it’s a priority to set a good image for himself. He can handle his liquor. You never have to worry about him embarrassing you in a social setting, whether with friends or family.

8. He’s in a fraternity. That’s just exciting.

So, the next time you meet an amazing guy, think twice before you disregard him for being in a fraternity. It’s better than you think.

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