8 Reasons We All Continue To Obsessively Watch “Grey’s Anatomy”


It’s kind of a disease.

The Ungodly Amount of Attractive Doctors That Pass Through

McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex Karev, Jackson Avery, Ben Warren. The list continues of all of the sexy doctor men that pass through Grey’s Anatomy. Now I don’t know about you, but if that was the pond of doctor’s available at my local hospital, I damn well would have needed a random CT or brain scan every now and then just to look at them. And I’ll be damned if I was an intern at the Seattle Grace (Grey-Sloan Memorial) hospital and didn’t have a sexy on-call room fling with one (or all) of these men. They forever haunt my dreams and give me high hopes and expectations of the real men in this world.

The Drama

The drama is what makes the show. The unknown results of a surgery, the doctors getting too involved in the patients’ lives, doctor love drama, and all the other shit that goes on. We eat it up. It is what we feed off of, and what pulls us in for more. It’s like a drug of some sort that keeps us coming back for more and always causes us to feel withdrawal when we haven’t caught up with the new season or watched 16 episodes in a row. The best part about this drama? It isn’t our own to deal with. Just sit back and enjoy 40 minutes of raw, nail-biting drama.

The Relationships

This includes both the romances and the friendships of the show. Now we have a friend we call “our person” because of Meredith Grey and Christina Yang’s friendship. We engross ourselves in every romantic relationship on the show. We feel like we can kind of relate in a way, minus the whole being a surgeon thing. Every emotional rollercoaster ride these characters take throughout their relationships, we are right there with them either pulling for them or betting against them. I mean, was anyone else devastatingly affected by Denny and Izzie’s romance!? The relationships, along with the drama, are what spikes our interest in every episode.

The Surgeries

Now I am no doctor, and I sure as hell am not on the track of becoming one, but the surgeries they do on the show seem pretty legit. They are always super intense and are usually always life threatening or difficult for the doctor. Some patients even die, so the show isn’t too unrealistic where they never lose anybody. They even perform some miracles. It’s like if you need a surgery done that only one person in the world has successfully done, chances are they can magically figure it out in the hospital on Grey’s which is totally cool because it keeps us all wondering the outcome, and loving the suspense. Plus it’s always a little bit of a happy tear-jerker when a patient who had no hope comes out better than ever and super happy. And of course it teaches us all the medical jargon, so we too believe we can intubate someone who is struggling to breathe.

Christina Yang is Everyone’s Spirit Animal

From her snarky sarcasm to her brilliant thought provoking comments, all the way to her eye-opening advice, we all see a little bit of ourselves in Christina or strive to be her. She’s a badass bitch who marches to the beat of her own drum and will do anything it takes to be on top. She says what we all are thinking, she’s a slob, a good friend, and “dark and twisty” in a good way. Let us not forget the best Christina Yang quote, “If there isn’t food, I’m going home.”

Meredith’s Relationship With Tequila

That woman takes a bottle to the face more times in the twelve seasons of this show than I can count. We all relate to this whether it be with tequila, rum, vodka, or even a bag of wine. We all understand the stress that leads most of us to drink straight liquor excessively until we are so drunk we forget all of our problems. Thank you Grey’s for showing us that even surgeons need some help during the most stressful times. Nobody is perfect, we’ve all hit that level before, and booze makes everyone feel better. And it also sometimes makes you pour yourself a glass or five of wine while watching.

The Amount of Seasons

This show has been going on for, like, a long time. Twelve seasons is a lot for a TV series and a handful of characters have been with the show since episode 1. This brings a sentimental emotion. We feel like we have grown with the show and the characters, and hell we even feel like part of the hospital. We’ve been through every heartbreak, every terrible situation when they were interns, residents, and now attendings. We were with them through tragedy, loss, and picking their specialties. We feel like if we stop watching, we’ll miss something important, or we will feel some sort of empty hole inside.

The Heartbreak

It is, by far, the worst part of the show. The heartbreak is what keeps you up all night, crying for hours, and questioning everything in life (Shonda whyyy?!). Of course, it’s all fictional, but you still get attached to a character, then BOOM next episode they die a terrible, painful death. Loving that romance between Dr. A and Dr. B? BOOM screaming hatred and they are over. Affairs, dishonesty, unhappiness or heartbreak, Grey’s Anatomy should really be called “Watch This Show if You Like to Cry for Hours Upon Hours.” I hate it, but no matter how many of my fave characters Shonda kills, or how many people leave the show, or how many romantic bonds are broken, I keep watching fully aware that it will happen again.

Here’s to watching Grey’s again and again. And then again some more.

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