7-Year-Old Girl’s Taylor Swift Impression Is So Scary Good I’m Worried She’s A Clone

7-Year-Old Girl's Taylor Swift Impression Is So Scary Good I'm Worried She's A Clone

No matter how you feel about T. Swift, it’s undeniable that she has a certain stage presence. With her signature curls, red lipstick, attitude, and killer dance moves, you can almost forget all of the annoying news saturating your social media feeds about pop music’s Queen B. These attributes that pop up on every performance make it easy to create a good impression, but this seven-year-old took it to a whole new level.

Xia Vigor was competing on “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids,” a Philippine reality TV show where children can perform as their favorite stars, and while there have been some great performances in the past, Vigor blew us all out of the water with her version of T. Swift.

Not only does she slay the red lips (why can’t I rock red lipstick like that?!), but her dance moves are perfect, and she even flawlessly masters the open-mouth pop that Swift so often breaks out in photos and videos. Honestly, it’s my personal opinion that one T. Swift is more than enough for this planet, and if this world has a Swiftie clone, I can’t say I’m prepared to deal with this. Let’s hope this is just a really, really, really good Taylor impression and not a genetics experiment gone bad, or else all of the little boys in 2nd grade right now are about to get a very rude awakening when they start dating.

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