7 Tips For Giving An Amazing Blow Jay


The dreaded act of giving a blow job. Some of us absolutely hate it and will always refuse. Some girls, on the other hand, enjoy it, and some girls tough it out because they want to impress some guy. Then there’s the rare group of liars women who would rather give head than receive anything (don’t know why, but God bless). Either way, every girl needs to have some tricks up her sleeve if and when it comes time to venture down under. If you’re going to suck it up (literally) and do it, you might as well do it right. These are all tested and approved tips that every beginner can master.

1. Blindfold him
This way he doesn’t get to see the faces of disgust you’re making. You can also then use your hands more and he’ll think it’s your mouth, AKA, less work for you. Plus people get extra turned on when they don’t exactly know what’s happening.

2. Use Your Hands
As mentioned above, using your hands is the perfect way to be lazy without seeming lazy. This is especially useful for those guys who have been #blessed and there’s no way you can fit all of that man meat into your mouth. Yeah, we can devour a burger in like two minutes but I’m definitely not trying to choke or anything. Using hands (from what I’ve been told) feels like a mouth and they like it. A lot. This’ll make life a little bit easier and hopefully, get the job done faster.

3. Tie His Hands Together
This is kind of kinky, at least to him, and then you don’t have him trying to force your head anywhere. He should be grateful he’s getting any, not trying to control the angle of your mouth. This way you’re in total control and he’s begging for you to untie him. Here’s a bonus: after being tied up he’ll probably just want to touch you so he’ll ditch the bj and get right to sex.

4. Utilize Nutella (Or Any Other Type Of Food)

Although it may not be the best idea to have your guy put his junk into a jar of Nutella, you can spread some on his package and go to work. This makes it (somewhat) more bearable. This way you don’t gag or cringe or do anything weird and he’s perfectly content that he’s getting a grade A blowie. Besides, at least this way you get a snack.

5. Don’t Whine About It

If he asks for a blow job and you agree then start complaining, it’s only going to ruin the mood. Because of this, you probably turned him off so now he’s going to take longer. You just made your own life suckier (haha get it cause you’ll be sucking). If you want to do it then do it, but if you don’t, then speak up. The hot part of a blow job is that you want to do it.

6. Close Your Eyes

Sure, this may not be the most attractive move. You’re ruining the chance of looking into your guy’s eyes and having a “connection.” But trust me, you aren’t missing anything. He likes it because they do it in porn, but in reality, it’s weird to just stare into his eyes while your mouth goes numb. If you want to throw a few glances his way, go for it, but don’t feel like you need to have a blinking competition.

7. Don’t Use Your Teeth

Please, please, please, don’t bite him. Guys most definitely do not like that and worst of all, he’ll tell people. And no one wants to be called a biter. Sure, if you’re skilled enough you can try using some teeth, LIGHTLY. But if you’re questioning your skills at all, leave your teeth behind your lips where they belong. Imagine a guy biting your vag. No thanks.

Just relax and get to work, it’ll be over before you know it.

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