7 Spring Break Essentials For Looking Effortlessly Stylish


Look like you have it together whilst blacking out on the beach.


Okay, here’s the deal. You’re probably going to be slightly inebriated on Spring Break. *blows your mind* While I’m sure you don’t intend on trashing whatever lovely establishment you choose to stay, chances are by the last day it’s going to look like a hurricane just blew through. So when it comes to shoes, bring something you don’t mind accidentally getting left behind, or trashed on your rampage through the beach. You can’t go wrong with a pair of inexpensive Pali Hawaiian sandals, or literally any sandal (that’s most likely a knock off of something expensive) from Charlotte Russe/Forever 21. Rock those gladiators, gurl.

Trendy Swimsuit

If you’re an Instagram whore crazed freak like I am, you know this is an essential part of the list. Branch out of your Victoria’s Secret bikini routine. Buy a one piece. Seriously. Not only are the ’90s, Baywatch style one pieces ~cool~ now, but you don’t even have to worry about sucking in all day. That is truly a blessing. If one pieces just aren’t your thing, the holy grail that is Target swimwear has so many cheap, on-trend options. Try out a high neck, or something strappy that’s bound to give you crazy tan lines.


Sunglasses can make almost anyone look put together. This is science. Not only that, but when hiding behind shades, research has shown that when photographed, it becomes increasingly hard to tell that you may or may not have just drank your weight in tequila. You can never go wrong with aviators, or something reflective. Just don’t take your Ray Bans. You will lose them. You will cry.


A timeless classic: the big floppy hat. Perfect for hiding your dirty hair. Perfect for saving your money maker from a sunburn. Perfect for hiding from that certain someone you didn’t know was going to be there. I’d also like to include the leather baseball bat. I only say that because I saw Kylie Jenner wearing one while vacaying on KUWTK. I may or may not have bought one online after that episode ended. WWKJD?

Beach Pants

I guarantee if you own a pair of white beach pants, you will never want to take them off. They make your butt look nice, and they accentuate your tan. Even though you’re basically wearing yoga pants to the beach, you’ll look so much more #glam than the sea of girls in high wasted jean shorts. Plus, you’ll probably be more comfortable too since you don’t have to remove denim from your ass cheeks every two minutes.

Going Out Dress

You’re going to have at least one night where you join civilization again. Whichever local bar or Joe’s Crab Shack you decide to grace your presence upon is probably one of the the few times you’ll be semi-clothed. Now is your chance to throw on a wedge or heel, and a…dress. That bright pink shift you almost bought last week is calling your name.

Silk Scarf

The silk scarf is so underrated, and I demand it make a triumphant comeback. It’s so multifunctional! Feeling bold? Wear it as a headband or head wrap. Don’t want to wear pants? Look at that, you have a little skirt cover up. You can even MacGyver it into a fun shirt!!! Samantha Jones would be so proud.

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