7 Sorority Poses We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Not that we have to try or anything, but if there’s something a sorority girl knows how to do, it’s how to look amazing in photos. People see our bid day videos, check out our Facebook pages, stalk our Twitter feeds, and try to figure out just what it is that makes even our candid photos look drop dead gorgeous. A little tip from one sorority girl to the next, it’s all in the pose, obvi. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a group photo without hitting that perfect knee pop and neither would any of my sisters. We sorority girls are so good at it that even our walk of shame Snapchats look planned. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite poses that help us look so good when the cameras are flashing…don’t forget to get my good side.

The Skinny Arm (AKA The Chicken Wing)
I am ALL about this pose. Not only is it good for single shots, but it looks just as good with a friend. Put one hand high on your hip, the other around your little’s waist, have the designated photographer bring the camera up a bit higher than usual, and BAM! You’ve got the most attractive arm photo ever known to man. This one isn’t crazy popular for no reason.

The Sorority Squat
Such a classic pose. This pose is a staple in sorority tradition. And the best thing about it is that while everybody is taking forever to get into her spot, you’re burning calories because it’s practically a wall-sit. You’ll have an amazing group picture AND Beyoncé’s legs. A total 2-for-1.

The Tilted Hug
Not a favorite of mine, but it’s still super popular. Whenever you find yourself a couple bottles in and you’re in the mood to take some pics with your twin, this pose is perfect. You hold each other up by hugging and the intense forward leaning comes off totally planned. You may look like you’re about to fall over in your 4 inch wedges, but that’s probably because you are. You’re probably wasted anyway, but it’s whatever–you still look hot thanks to this pose.

The Big/Little Stack
You may have known your little was perfect from the day she accepted her bid, but your big/little stack chemistry confirms it. This is definitely one of the ways to know if you and your little have what it takes to make your bond last. When your heights match up perfectly, your colors are coordinated, and your hair bow placement is just right, you have created big/little stack magic. Frame it, place it on your desk in the study room, and show it off (a lot).

The Family Pyramid
You may have 30 girls in your sorority family, but this pose is designed to make sure everybody can flaunt her good side. Another plus to this pose is that pyramids are relatively easy to get into as long as steps are near and you have sorority squat pros in the fam. Basically, put the matriarch on top and the rest is as easy as the girls from the sorority next door.

The Throw What You Know
Speaking of the sorority next door, is there anything better than Panhellenic bonding? And when the bonding is captured in a photo, it’s almost enough to get the emotions going. But in all seriousness, this picture is all about the pride you have for your sisterhood. Throw it up and be proud of whichever house you pledged…just don’t forget to make sure that yours is the highest.

The “Casually Walking Away”
Weird how somebody just happened to catch us walking hand in hand towards the house while casually looking over our shoulders. This pose may look totally staged, but it’s still completely adorable and absolutely recruitment worthy. Put it in the sisterhood part of your recruitment video and just wait for the “awwww!”s.

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Wine2TheRescue is a legal marketing pro & blogger out of Washington, D.C. but is originally a sorority girl out of Northwest Florida. As a recent graduate and expert twenty-something, she spends most of her time trying to balance her work schedule with her daily required wine intake. It's a struggle she's learning to manage, but nothing she can't lean on her sisters for help with. She is also a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move and Post Grad Problems.

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