7 Girls Who Are Essential To Every Clique

7 Essential Girls In Every Clique

Everyone talks about how important and valuable the big/little bond is. And they’re right. But your clique within your pledge class is actually the most perfect way to round out your social group. There are certain individuals who make up the essentials of your standard pledge fam.

The Mom

Lets be real, managing to get 20 girls to a social after a family pregame is a struggle. There’s always one girl who stays in control, even after she’s had two bottles of wine. There are rides to consider, dates to corral, and alcohol to buy for all the little ones. Without the mom, the system crumbles. She’s the one who makes sure everyone gets to the bar and always has a plan to get home.

She’s also the go-to resource for the serious matters. The mom knows what classes to take and how to study, and she can get you the hook up for that internship you want. She doesn’t have to be a senior but she usually is, and her connections and ability to scrape by (excel) in the classroom hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyone needs someone to help a girl put her life together–except for the mom.

The Pusher

The Pusher has two roles: getting you places and getting you drunk once you’re there. She wants you to get everything you can out of your college experience, so she’s the girl who will buy 15 shots of tequila and proceeded to dump them down your throat. She’s also the one who promises you’ll be home by midnight (spoiler alert: you won’t be). Part of this girl’s deal is she can’t go out on her own. But who cares? The reality is, she has more fun than you do. And heading out on the town with her is usually a shambly great decision. Party on.

The Photographer

No family event is complete without a family picture. However, the fuzzy feeling we now know to be associated with alcohol routinely interrupts the photograph process. But the best pledge families have a girl with the drunken instinct to pull out her iPhone and snap some pictures. What makes her the true master photographer is her common sense to only post the best to Facebook. Let’s be real–no one needs to see the 43 selfies of you and your big.

The Standards Rep

This one’s tricky. If she’s your big or little it might not actually work in your favor. Actually, the further she’s removed on the family tree the better. But, if you’re sent to standards, everyone benefits from having a voice on her side, especially when that voice is the same one who told you that the cherry bombs were a good idea in the first place.

The Matchmaker

This girl has a friend in every fraternity, and she takes a new guy from a different house to every social. Why does this benefit you? She can always set you up. When the date dash comes along and you’re panicking, she has a friend who shares your taste for Fireball. It all works out. Bonus: every walk of shame is better when it’s shared. Sisterly bonding at its finest.

The Closet

Formal season is coming up, and maybe your questionable spending habits have caught up with you. Instead of buy in a new dress, you check with this girl. She always has something you can borrow, and she always has a smile on her face when you ask for it. Maybe she’s just genuinely a better person than you, or maybe none of her roomies have set fire to her favorite skirt.

This girl doubles her value if she is a make-up genius as well. Take the overthinking out of the question and let her style your makeup and outfit. She’s not going to let you out in her dress looking like a mess–she has her own reputation to uphold as well.

Sober Sally

This girl is probably the best person in your pledge fam. And by that, I mean she’s actually a better human than you. She’s 19 and hasn’t lost her dignity yet. Maybe she only has a beer or two when she’s out. She’s the one who comforts you–Sober Sally is the shoulder to cry on, the ride home, the one who probably can find your house keys. She’s dependable. Enjoy it, because when this bitch turns 21….

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@WWBlairWaldorfD spends her days judging and her nights drinking a bottle (or 3) of wine. She's a strong believer that no outfit is complete without a Coke Zero. And that's about as healthy as her choices get.

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