68 Things You Really Need To Thank Your High School Best Friend For

High School Best Friends

  1. For assuring you that your glow-in-the-dark braces were totally cute.
  2. And telling you whenever you got anything stuck in them.
  3. For all of those late night phone calls talking about nothing.
  4. And all of those before school chats talking about everything.
  5. For convincing you that side bangs were a really good idea (actually, JK. Wish you could take that one back).
  6. And then assuring you that they don’t look that bad when you actually went through with it.
  7. For gossiping about the football player who sat behind you in geometry.
  8. Oh, and for always letting you copy her homework in geometry because, you know. Sharing is caring.
  9. And seriously, it’s not like you’re going to need to know how to solve proofs in the real world.
  10. For celebrating with you when you finally got your driver’s license.
  11. After convincing you that it was okay when you failed the first time.
  12. And the second time.
  13. Then driving around with you for hours, blasting music and going nowhere.
  14. For trying out for cheer or dance with you.
  15. And being proud of you when you made the team, whether she did or not.
  16. For passing notes back and forth in study hall, and sort of hoping that you’d get caught.
  17. Well, you know. When you actually went to study hall.
  18. And for skipping class with you to get smoothies, go to the gym, or go to the beach and get tan.
  19. Then for always telling you when you needed to flip over so you were evenly bronzed.
  20. Because yes. The most important thing after getting a boyfriend and being friends forever was to be tan. Obviously.
  21. For always knowing who you had a crush on.
  22. And doing everything in her power to get you two together.
  23. Then being your biggest cheerleader when he finally asked you out on a date.
  24. On your first date. Ever.
  25. And helping you pick out the perfect outfit, whether it was in your, or her closet.
  26. For staying up late to teach you “Soulja Boy” before homecoming.
  27. Because she understood that it was extremely important for you to know how to “crank that” when you went to your first high school dance.
  28. The constant sleepovers at her house.
  29. Where her bed was your bed, her makeup was your makeup, and her mom was your mom.
  30. And shoving all of her parents’ food into your 17-year-old fat burning machines of bodies (P.S. I miss you).
  31. For being the Serena to your Blair and keeping you grounded.
  32. Or for being the Blair to your Serena, and pushing you to always do your best.
  33. For convincing your counselors to put you in the same classes.
  34. Then convincing your teachers to let you sit together.
  35. The football games, the themed days, and the special days. She was always there to get dressed up and go all out with you.
  36. For pouring over prom dress magazines.
  37. And going to countless stores together to make sure that you each looked perfect.
  38. For going to dance practice, cheer practice, or any other extracurricular together.
  39. And being the “best friends” on the team that everyone else sort of hated.
  40. For all of the hours you wasted at the mall.
  41. And all of the boys your flirted with, only to be let down.
  42. For her telling you what to text back, when you finally gave a guy your number.
  43. And for being okay when you started spending more time with him than you did with her.
  44. The fight. You know the one. The one that almost broke you. The one that made you stronger.
  45. For bouncing back stronger, and loving each other more.
  46. Giggling as you researched sex, and making a pact not to “lose it” until you graduated.
  47. Then not being mad when both of you broke it.
  48. Being able to tell her everything. Literally everything.
  49. From what you wanted to do when you grew up, to what you ate for lunch.
  50. For loving your family like her own.
  51. And making you feel like a part of hers.
  52. The fact that she was always a part of holidays, birthdays, and every special event.
  53. And for staying strong by your side during all of the painful moments of getting older.
  54. For asking you all of the right questions when you finally gave a boy your heart.
  55. And for supporting you like a sister when that same boy broke you.
  56. For accepting you as you grew up, and pushing you to follow your dreams.
  57. And for loving you no matter how hard it got.
  58. For promising to always be best friends, as you both packed up to go to different schools.
  59. Or swearing that things wouldn’t change as you headed to college together.
  60. For those times when she would reach out to you, as you slowly drifted apart.
  61. Then embracing you like no time had passed, whenever you saw each other at home over breaks.
  62. For still liking your pictures and sending you love, as you both made new best friends and created new lives.
  63. But always keeping a place in her heart for you, no matter where the future took you.
  64. For putting a smile on your face, whenever you think about your pasts.
  65. And for caring as much as you do about the friendship you once had.
  66. For tearing up when this made it to her timeline.
  67. And immediately thinking of you, just like you thought of her.
  68. But above all, for knowing that no matter how much time has passed, how much shit has gone down, or how much you both have changed, she’ll always be there for you. Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or just through memories, she was your first true love. Your first really sincere friend. The first person who watched as you started the adult journey you’re on today, and for that you could never thank her enough. Because no matter what, she’ll always be a part of you. No matter what, she’ll always be your best friend.

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