67 Thoughts You Have On The Way To Class

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  1. I hate econ, why did I even take this class?
  2. I’m not even an econ major.
  3. Whatever, the professor is so hot.
  4. OMG, who let me go to class wearing this?
  5. Wait. Is my straightener still on?
  6. It can’t be.
  7. But I only had time to straighten half of my hair.
  8. Why did I think these Uggs would look okay?
  9. I look like I rolled right out of bed.
  10. It’s okay. I’ll sit in the back of class and no one will notice.
  11. AHH best friend!
  12. What the hell is she wearing?
  13. Her shirt looks hideous, I’m sorry.
  14. WAIT.
  16. She never texted me back, so I’m not texting her again.
  17. Did I take my pill?
  18. 9 a.m. was a terrible time to take it.
  19. It still works, like, an hour later, right?
  20. Maybe I should text my roommate to check the straightener.
  21. But I hate my roommate.
  22. And she smells weird.
  23. I’ve never seen her use deodorant.
  25. Maybe I can count this walk as my workout for the day.
  26. Am I getting chubby?
  27. OMG, I totally am.
  28. My thighs were not this huge at the beginning of the school year.
  29. Is that why he’s not texting me back?
  30. Or was it because I danced on the table at his formal?
  31. In my defense, everyone was doing it.
  32. Or…it’s probably because I kissed his brother thinking it was him.
  33. Nah, he wouldn’t be mad about that, would he?
  34. WOULD HE?
  35. Oh well, there’s always the guy from econ who sits in front of me.
  36. The back of his head is adorable.
  37. Speak of the devil, there he is!!
  38. The hell? He’s walking away from class.
  39. He’s probably lost.
  40. What a cute lost boy.
  41. Oh perfect, my phone is dying.
  42. What am I supposed to do in class now?
  43. LEARN?
  45. HA.
  46. Hahaha.
  47. Right.
  48. Fuck. I didn’t even bring my notebook.
  49. I’m literally going to have to sit here and do nothing.
  50. Why aren’t there loads of people on campus today?
  51. Nobody wants to go to class, apparently.
  52. Should’ve stayed in bed.
  53. But Stinky was still home.
  54. Okay, almost here.
  55. Aaaaaand I have a cramp.
  56. Aaaaaand I’m out of breath.
  57. I really am getting chubby, wow.
  58. Freshman year was not kind to me.
  59. Phew, made it to class early.
  60. No one is here.
  61.  …
  62. Shit.
  63. Wrong day.
  64. Ooooooof course.
  65. Whatever.
  66. Back to bed.


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