6 Starbucks Secrets You Need To Know To Live Your Best Life


1. Get A Bigger Cup

If you like a lot of milk in your coffee, order a larger size cup. This way you are still getting the amount of coffee you want and you can add as much or as little milk as you want. Plus, you aren’t wasting any of the original coffee you paid for by pouring it out to make room. For this just order a bold (or whichever type of coffee you prefer) grande in a venti cup. So you’ll be getting a medium amount of coffee in the larger cup!

2. The Biggest Size Is Actually Trenta

Yup, there’s a secret size. So if a 24-ounce caffeine boost just isn’t enough, go for the Trenta. The 30-ounce beverage isn’t on most menus. The only catch is that this size is only available for iced tea, iced tea lemonade, iced coffee, cold brew, and refreshers. So don’t be upset when the barista says you can’t have a Trenta frapp.

3. The Starbucks App Lets You Get Free Hot/Iced Refills

With the mobile app, you receive a free refill of any hot or iced coffee or tea. The catch is that at most Starbucks they want you to sit there and finish, so you can’t take it on the go. But if you become a regular, most baristas are totally fine with you leaving and coming back later in the day. And if you don’t happen to have a Starbucks card, you only need to pay 54 cents.

4. There’s A Secret Menu (And A Create-Your-Own)

You’ve all seen those totally Instagram-worthy colored drinks before — now you can order them yourself. For this you just need to know what ingredients are in them, and hopefully have some idea of whether or not it will taste okay. But you can also customize any Frappuccino you’d like. Here’s a breakdown of the most ‘grammable drinks.

Pink Drink: Strawberry acai refresher, with coconut milk instead of water. Mixed with strawberries.
Purple Drink: Passion iced tea, with coconut milk instead of water. Mixed with blackberries.
Orange Drink: Iced orange mango juice with two scoops of vanilla bean powder and coconut milk.
Blue Drink: Passion iced tea, coconut milk instead of water and vanilla syrup.
Green Drink: Iced black tea, with coconut milk instead of water and add matcha.

5. The Starbucks App Gives Coupons

You earn free drinks for your birthday and specific member-only offers monthly. On top of this, you earn 2 stars for every dollar spent. After earning 125 stars you get a free drink. So basically, you’re getting rewarded for spending money. And if you’re gonna go to Starbucks pretty regularly, getting the app is a smart investment.

6. You Can Order A Drink For Your Dog

If you think Starbucks is only for you, think again. You can order a “Puppuccino” for your dog. It’s a small cup filled with whipped cream. Your next Starbs date just got ten times cuter cause now you can bring your furry friend and not feel bad about snacking while they’re giving you puppy eyes.

If you’re going to be basic, at least do it right.

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