6 Guys You Should Hook Up With After Going Through All Of Your Guy Friends

Guy Friends

The best part about having guy friends is getting drunk and making out with them. If they’re cute enough, maybe you’ll hook up with them for awhile until you both decide it’s starting to get weird. But once you’ve done that to all of your cute and available friends, you’re left with nothing. You have to start getting creative. But if you don’t know where to start, these suggestions are a push in the right direction.

1. The Guy Who Is Friends With Your Friends
If your friends are cute, they will have at least one cute friend. It will be so easy to pick this guy off, especially if he is visiting from home. They are rolling up to a foreign land hoping to get as fucked up as they can while still being able to fuck. And who will be there welcoming them with open legs? You will.

2. The Guy Who Lives Upstairs
You have heard him doing the deed plenty of times that you might as well have been there for it. So why not join in on the fun? Your walk home would be only one flight of stairs, which based on convenience alone, is totally worth it.

3. The Guy Who Sent You A Funny Gif On Tinder
Usually, Tinder can be sketchy and gross. But you have to appreciate this guy’s sense of humor and laid back style. He’s not messaging you “wan sum fuk?” or just sending his address. He put in time to let you know that he is a trustworthy guy with a strong gif game. Go for it.

4. The Guy Who You Made Out With At A Party Freshman Year
Who knows what you were thinking that night, but at least we know you thought that guy was cute. You haven’t seen him before or after this incident, but you still have his number for some reason. Find out which bars he goes to and casually “run into him.” If there were sparks then, there should be sparks now.

5. The Guy Who From The Bar One Town Over
To expand your horizons, you might have to do a little bit of traveling. Go into the city or try bars that are not within walking distance. Guys at real people bars have things like 401Ks and futures, which doesn’t really matter for a hookup, but it’s just nice to know that you won’t be going back to an apartment with holes punched in the wall.

6. The Guy Who Knows Your Sister
There are two key parts to this. First of all, he can’t know your brother. Because there’s a whole bro code thing involved that just isn’t worth messing with. Secondly, has to be a guy who knows your sister close enough that she can let you know if he is gross or not, but not too close with her where she might also have hooked up with him when making her rounds through her guy friends. No more estranged than taking the same bus in the morning, but no closer than old lab partners.

You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger dahling.

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