6 Girls Try On Their Moms’ Hideous Wedding Dresses Proving That Passed Down Gowns Are The Devil

mom wedding dress

Most women buy a gown when they get married. Despite the fact that it’s a zillion times cheaper to just rent one, we all have this dream of one day passing the dress onto our daughters and having them wear it on their wedding days. And also, renting a dress? What do I look like, a poor? (Jk, if I have to pay for my own dress renting will look pretty damn good) So when we say yes to the dress, we imagine a slightly altered version of ourselves trying on the same gown in thirty years. And if our imaginary daughter doesn’t wear the dress? Well then we’re going to be pretty damn salty.

Of course that dream never freaking happens. Have you seen the gowns our mothers wore? The sleeves. The necklines. The…butterflies. Dresses from the ’80s and ’90s were horrible, and I can only imagine what our daughters will say someday when we try to pass our mermaid cuts onto them. So, naturally, we have a plan for the day when our moms finally pull their dresses out and thrust them into our just-engaged fingertips. We say we’d looooove to use the lace for a bouquet wrap, or a necklace, or a garter, and avoid making eye contact with that monstrosity from the past.

Still, six brave girls agreed to try on their mothers’ wedding dresses because let’s be real — they’re not wearing them on their big days.

Bless their hearts.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Cosmopolitan

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