6 Awesomely Easy Ways To Hide Your Hangover

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Here are some easy tips and tricks for when your liver takes the day off but you can’t.

Wear a baseball cap.
Not worrying about spending a lot of time on your hair will give you a few extra minutes to sleep in. This is super beneficial to hiding a hangover. If you did your hair the night before and don’t wake up looking like a troll doll, definitely leave your hair down. If you woke up looking like Guy Fieri, put your hair in a low pony or a side braid. No matter what, finish with a hat. If you pull the bill low enough over your eyes, you will not be able to see the haters, and therefore, they do not exist.

Put on a hangover hot outfit.
This is an outfit that requires minimal effort but still makes you look hot AF, rather than a hot mess. Everyone should have a go-to hangover hot outfit for less brainwork in the morning. Examples of said outfit:

  • Long sleeved T-shirt dress with a vest and Keds (or Keds-style tennis shoes).
  • Dark jeans with an oversized flannel and a statement necklace to dress it up.
  • Cute gym outfit (so you can chug water without it being a dead giveaway).
  • Flowy yet fitted sweater with leggings and your cutest, most comfortable flats. Don’t leave the house with a naked face.
    This is key to hiding that you are exhausted, could possibly throw up at any minute, and are probably still a little drunk. To eliminate under-eye bags, use a pink-tinted eye illuminating cream. Definitely put on blush and bronzer to fake that you have some color in your face and aren’t dead. Last but not least, address the nipple of the face: your eyes. A combo of mascara and lining the inner eye with a white eye pencil will make you look awake and alert. White eye pencils are a staple and should be in every girl’s makeup bag. I seriously swear by it.

    Make sure you don’t smell like alcohol.
    This can happen to the best of us. Unbeknownst to me, you can sometimes smell like whatever you drank the night before–probably because your liver can’t hold any more and it is spilling out of your pores. If this is the case and you don’t have time to shower, lather yourself in a scented lotion and finish off with your signature perfume. If you will be out for most of the day, bring a travel-sized spray for backup. Breath maintenance is also highly important, but I am going to assume you have that on lock.

    Avoid telling people you’re hungover.
    This is key and I can’t stress this enough. If you follow all steps above, people won’t realize that you are hungover as shit unless you tell them. By all costs, avoid starting your sentences with:

  • “OMG I want to kill myself–I am so hungover…”
  • “OMG I was sooo blacked out last night…”
  • “OMG it is so bright in here, can we just not…”
  • “OMG I literally think I am going to puke, this is not even real…”
  • Keep hydrated.
    Drink as much water as you can get your hands on, especially if you had a coffee. Coffee may have its benefits for hangovers with its high caffeine content, but it is a diuretic. This will make you pee more and it will be hard for your body to replenish from the night before and keep you hydrated.

    Keep in mind, no one looks back on their college years and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. Your hangover is probably worth the amount of fun you had the night before. Babe Ruth said it best: “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

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