54 Things You Should Really Thank Your Dad For

54 Things You Should Really Thank Your Dad For

  1. For being so patient while teaching you how to drive a car.
  2. And teaching you how to change a tire when you inevitably get a flat.
  3. For always answering the phone and coming to the rescue no matter how late it is.
  4. For telling you that no guy will ever be good enough for you, but still trying to be nice to the guy you bring home.
  5. For seriously wanting to kill that guy when he breaks your heart.
  6. For being the perfect shoulder to cry on.
  7. And knowing exactly what to say to make you feel better, because he hates seeing his little girl cry.
  8. For calling you his little girl, no matter old you get.
  9. For being Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny.
  10. For making the best pancakes ever.
  11. For taking you to the zoo, the mall, the movies, and anywhere else you wanted to go over the weekend.
  12. For paying for cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, and horseback riding lessons.
  13. For paying for your shopping sprees, sorority dues, and anything else you insist you “need.”
  14. Basically paying for everything.
  15. For being your biggest (and loudest) supporter at every game or performance.
  16. For working all those long hours and still having the energy to stay up and help with your math homework.
  17. For making you feel better when you mess up by telling you all the crazy things he did when he was your age.
  18. For not letting you wear that outfit out of the house, because, yeah, you do kind of look like a hooker.
  19. For teaching you about sports.
  20. And cars.
  21. And boys.
  22. For teaching you that sports, cars, and boys will never make sense to you.
  23. For embarrassing you in front of your friends.
  24. For punishing you when you really, honestly deserved it.
  25. But always reminding you he loves you, even when you act up.
  26. For always having your back, no matter what.
  27. For slipping you that glass of wine or sip of beer, and laughing when you made a face.
  28. For not telling mom about that thing. Seriously, she would’ve freaked.
  29. For not letting you go to bed or hanging up the phone unless you say “I love you.”
  30. For loving having a daughter, even though you both know he secretly wanted a son.
  31. For never, ever letting you down.
  32. And always picking you back up when someone else did.
  33. For making you feel beautiful after that one tragic haircut.
  34. For passing on his crazy sense of humor.
  35. For being the perfect example of how a man should treat a woman.
  36. For those big hugs that make you feel completely safe and protected.
  37. For saying so much with such few words.
  38. For always reminding you how proud he is to be your dad.
  39. For helping you move into your dorm freshman year.
  40. And out of your dorm.
  41. And into your apartment sophomore year.
  42. And out of your apartment the same year.
  43. Basically doing anything for you that involves manual labor.
  44. For letting you call him “old man” and not get mad.
  45. For being able to fix absolutely everything.
  46. For helping you do your taxes when you turned 18 and didn’t realize you had to do your taxes.
  47. For giving you the best advice on how to get away with it, no matter what “it” is.
  48. For having the best stories.
  49. For telling you he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, except to be with you.
  50. For lying and saying he loves the silly tie you got for him, even though you both know he’ll never wear it again.
  51. For being your number one guy.
  52. For reminding you of your worth when you need to hear it the most.
  53. And never letting you forget how much he loves you.
  54. For being the example you measure every other guy against, knowing that no one comes close to him.

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