50 Cent Down And Out, Many Still Have Love For Him


The year is 2003. You’re rocking your Limited Too and Lisa Frank, feeling like the boss third grader that you are in the backseat of your mom’s car. Meanwhile, across the country, 50 Cent is in the recording studio, pumping out his new single, “21 Questions,”

“Girl, it’s easy to love me now,
Would you love me if I was down and out,
Would you still have love for me?”

“Ha, ‘if I was down and out,’” he thinks, “what an absurd, rhetorical idea.”

Flash forward 13 years, Limited Too has been replaced by Justice (RIP), Lisa Frank is officially off the shelves of CVS, and 50 Cent is, in fact, down and out. The rapper filed for bankruptcy on Monday, as it was reported he’s been spending approximately $108,000 per month on his luxurious living expenses. (

I’m never one to take pleasure in other’s pain, but I must admit that if any good can come of this, it’s that the news that 50 spent his $25 million, suddenly makes any spending problem I (my parents) thought I had, completely disappear.

50 reportedly spends $3,000 a month on clothes, $1,000 a month on grooming, $5,000 a month on gardening, $14,500 a month on child support, and $70,000 a month to maintain his mansion in Farmington, Connecticut. He also put a total of $6 million into said mansion, renovating and installing the private casino, swimming pool, nine kitchens, basketball court, and stripper poles (cue, “little mama show me how ya move it”).

He also owns a total of seven cars, including Chevy Suburbans and a Rolls Royce, despite telling the court in his court case that he, “lives modestly,” and does not own any expensive vehicles. I imagine telling the court you own no expensive cars, while hiding seven expensive cars in your garage, is the millionaire’s version of hiding the new shirt you bought with your mom’s credit card. I also imagine I’ll never really know for myself.

What I do know is I owe 50 a “thank you,” for making me feel not so bad about my spending. Misery loves company, and all you have are that company, having spent twenty five f*cking million dollars. So to answer your question, 50, I do still have love for you.

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