5 Ways Being Chapter President Is Like Being A Mom


Being the president of a sorority is a lot like being a mom for a number of reasons. While everyone is technically capable of it, that doesn’t mean that everyone should necessarily do it. Like moms, there are good presidents and bad presidents. If you think about it, there are actually a variety of ways that being president of your chapter is basically exactly like being a mom. Here are the top five:

1. There are things you want to laugh at but are no longer allowed to.
When you become a mom, you become a role model. Whether you like it or not, there is a tiny human who now watches your every move like a hawk. You can’t just go out on a random Tuesday night and get blackout drunk anymore, because you’ll set a bad example for your mini me. When you become the president of a sorority, it is much the same. Whether your chapter consists of twenty members or two hundred, you now have a significant number of women who you’re expected to set an example for. This means that when Jen is telling everyone about the time that she came out of her blackout with a guy in her bed in the sorority house, you can’t laugh, for fear that the girls take this as a sign of your approval. And you especially cannot open your mouth to top her with the time that you yourself had a roommate walk in on you with a guy in the sorority last semester. Because presidents- like moms- are perfect, and never make mistakes or have lives before they assume their positions. Duh.

2. You have to deal with unruly children.
Your days of going footloose and fancy-free are over. As president, you hang up your sky-high stilettos in favor of a more sensible, professional pair of flats. If you’ve seen your chapter president walking around the past few months, she’s probably become progressively more harried looking with each passing day. The reason for this is quite simple. Moms have to deal with toddlers going through their terrible twos- not sleeping through the night, crying a lot, and always needing something. Sorority presidents have to deal with second semester seniors- who, when drunk, act a lot like they’re going through their terrible twos themselves. They also put the D in DGAF, so don’t be surprised if you see your president sporting a gray hair or two come May.

3. Your children will love you until they hate you.
It’s easy to be loved as a president when you’re first elected, and as a mom when you first have a baby. Everything is new, fresh, and exciting, and your members haven’t had much of an opportunity to judge the way you act as leader. Just wait and see if this love still continues when you have to make the first difficult decision as president. While you may be able to see that your choice was made with the best interests of the chapter in mind, your loyal following will still become a lot less loyal if you’re trying to restrict the amount of alcohol at a mixer. It’s easy to love your mom when she’s just spent a pretty penny on a shopping spree for you, but you’d be lying if you said you love her just as much when she’s nagging you to clean your room or find a boyfriend. Your president may not meddle too far into your love life, but you can bet that she will be on your case to go to the community service opportunity that your philanthropy chair organized, or to complete your study hours.

4. Sometimes you need a break.
The movie “Sleepover” was based completely on the necessity of a mom’s night out. Whether your days are filled with baby food, strollers, and carpool or glitter, paperwork, and meetings, there will come a time when you question both your sanity and whether or not you can actually do this. At this time, you need to GTFO of the (sorority) house. “Me” time is just as important when you’re the mother of two as it is when you’re the mother of two hundred. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back, put the situation into perspective, and have a glass of wine (or ten) to take the edge off. It doesn’t matter if your break is an hour or an evening; the important thing is that you’re coming back the next day refreshed and ready to do it again.

5. You see the worst, but also the best.
Sure, as president of a sorority you may be privy to behavior of your members that you had no idea they were capable of. Like a mom, you see them in their most selfish moments, but also in their most selfless. You’ll be consistently awed at the level of compassion that they show for one another on a daily basis. Sure, sisters may fight occasionally with one another, but at the end of the day, it’s all love. Your members are there because they believe in the ~*sanctity*~ of your particular ritual. It is impossible to put into words the love that a president has for her chapter and its members, just as it is impossible to put into words the love that a mom has for her children. You will be fiercely loyal, incredibly proud, and totally devoted to your organization and to your members. No matter what hardships you may encounter in the process, it will always be worth it in the end. Your mom loves you unconditionally, and the president of your sorority likely does, too. She’ll be there for you to help you through your low times, and be there for you to celebrate your highest victories. As long as your celebration doesn’t include anything that violates the bylaws, of course.

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