5 TV Characters That Would Be The Perfect Addition To Your Sorority


Today’s TV shows are filled with a bunch of bad-ass, beautiful women who let’s face it, we all want to be best friends with. They are the women we pile up on the couch after chapter with our popcorn, wine, and leftover pizza with. These are the women we would kill to have as sorority sisters.

Olivia Benson

Law and Order‘s finest, hottest, just plain bad-ass detective. Who wouldn’t want this woman in her pledge class? She’s smart, quick-minded, caring, witty, and bitchy at the right times. Did I mention hot? Plus, she could totally teach a self defense course as a sisterhood event. Major score.

Olivia Pope

The total package and Washington’s finest. Scandal‘s hottest crisis manager and glorified “fixer.” She handles Washington’s biggest scandals while trying to hide her own dirty little secrets. Who doesn’t love a sister with a secret? Plus, anyone that can bang the hottest president TV has ever seen, can call me sister any day. And she’d always be around to fix the chapter’s every wrong move. Not to mention Liv is a major wine fanatic. This girl’s got sorority written all over her.

Christina Yang

A little rough around the edges but smart, witty, and has a big heart. One of Grey’s most beloved surgeons would be the perfect asset to any chapter. Her no bullshit attitude would land her the position of standards chair. Yang is such a bad-ass in and out of the O.R. And having her as a sister basically means having Meredith too. They’re a package deal. Imagine changing “You’re my person” to “You’re my sister.” And having McDreamy and Owen Hunt at all of your chapter’s socials? Dream come true.

Rachel Green

Rachel had her time in sorority life as a “Kappa Kappa Delta,” but I’m calling dibs on her anyways. I feel like there’s a little bit of Rachel Green in every sister. Gorgeous, funny, shopaholic, boy crazy, and a heart of gold. Rachel is always dressed to the nines and has the best connections. She’d get you swaps and mixers with all the top tier fraternities for sure. And she’d for sure be bringing Monica’s baked goods to all mandatory functions.

Piper Chapman

Let’s get past the whole jail/drug trafficking thing for a minute. Litchfield’s most talked about newbie found her way around pretty quickly navigating the hard silent walls of prison, and she even managed to make a few friends (and more than friends). Piper can make a friend in anyone and loves to help her fellow prisoners, but she isn’t afraid to call someone out on their shit. Any girl that can look that good without makeup in those tacky khaki outfits and still manage to keep some class and her sanity is a girl I want to call a sister. Plus she can bring everyone’s favorite girl crush, Ruby Rose, to date parties.

A girl can dream.

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