5 Things We All Really Wish We Could Tell Potential New Members


Don’t you wish you could spill the beans to some of those PNMs on all of those juicy secrets you have about greek life? Don’t you wish you could save that poor PNM from going down the wrong path into a terrible college fate? Is that super overdramatic? Probably. But it still doesn’t change the fact that probably every sorority girl at some point in their life has wanted to tell these PNMs what’s really going on.

So here’s what you should know.

1. Don’t choose a sorority just because the frat guys you just met said that you need to rush them.
Consider these two questions: What is the number one thing on every guy’s mind? Where do you think they get these dirty little wishes fulfilled? Although this is not always true, the truth is guys don’t know anything about being in a sorority. Use your own judgement.

2. Don’t act a certain way just to get the sorority that you think you want to notice you.
Chances are if you have to change your personality just to fit in with a group of people, then they are probably not your people. Try to imagine which group of girls would love you just as much on your very worst day, as they would on your very best. Choose that one.

3. Don’t let a group of girls pressure you into a decision.
They’re not supposed to do it, they know they’re not supposed to do it, but dirty rushing is very much alive and well. And that is how girls end up being miserable once they’ve gotten a bid from a sorority they thought would end up being their home. This is why girls drop, and how sorority drama begins.

4. Top tier is not always the best tier.
So you’ve found the “popular” sorority on campus, now what? Sometimes that organization will be your perfect fit and the place you’re meant to call home. Other times girls will rush them just to be on top and then hate their lives once inside. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

5. Just be you. Seriously.
I know it’s been said over and over again, but it just can’t be stressed enough. You can’t fake your way through an organization you end up hating for four years (I’ve seen it attempted and it doesn’t work). As cheesy as it sounds, it’s really not four years, it’s for life. There’s no greater feeling than getting a bid from that sorority you just know that you’re meant to call home. Running home to all of your new sisters on bid day, going through the new member process, and getting initiated are supposed to be some of the most exciting (and confusing) experiences of a woman’s college career in Greek life.

Trust the system.

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