5 Reasons It’s Better Not To Have A Sorority House

No House

When you picture Greek Life, you generally picture wild parties, pretty people, and bangin’ mansions. I’m talking serious slammers. Palaces fit for the kings and queens that we are. But when some schools picture Greek Life, they don’t have that image, because, well, they don’t have houses. But to be honest, they don’t have it all that bad.

You Save Money
Dues are considerably lower when you don’t have to fund the living situation of 40+ high maintenance college-aged girls. Plus a cook. Plus a house mom. Plus cleaning services. Plus maintenance. Plus whatever else they decide to throw in there. Many sisters pay for their own dues, and many women are dying to be Greek, but can’t because the cost margin is too great. When you don’t have a house to pay for dues go towards what really matters: t-shirts. I mean philanthropy.

It Makes Greek Life Less Cliquey
Because there are no houses to separate people, it makes it much easier to mingle. Yeah, there’s competitions and Greek Week is fucking intense, but when it’s all over, you go to the bars together and you don’t try to fight each other in the bathroom. You only shoot glares at that one bitch who you just KNOW cheated. You didn’t see her, but you just know. Greek Life becomes less about what you are affiliated in and more about the fact that you are affiliated at all. It takes a different kind of woman to be in a sorority, and that is something that bonds us all.

You Get To Live With Different People
You may love your sisters, but you definitely don’t like them all the time. Coming home to someone who is not going to gossip about how much of an asswipe standards was being in chapter is refreshing, even if she was being a total asswipe. You can talk about real life things with your roommates about their lives, and share different experiences instead of just reminiscing ones you’ve had together. You hear about stuff that is happening outside of your chapter. Because yes, there actually is life outside your sorority.

You Only Have A Few Roommates
You know how much loose hair accumulates in the drains of the showers of sorority houses? Full wigs-worth. Getting ready is impossible when all of you are trying to shove in front of the same mirror, being bumped while you try to line your lips without looking like Miranda Sings. There is not a moment’s peace when you are trying to study or even get some “me” time (read: masturbate). Only a few people living in one place guarantees the chance that you get some time to walk around your apartment naked without offending anyone. It’s necessary.

There Are No Rules
Enjoy all the booze and boys that your little heart desires. There’s no old lady judging you as you confuse adulthood with alcoholism and accidentally get drunk by yourself on a Wednesday. There no president to look down upon you as you and your scantily clad Flavor Of The Day scurry to grab clothes when she found you two in the shower. You can live your authentic life. Isn’t that was college is all about?

No house, no problem.

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