5 Reasons Every Girl Should Date A Nerd

Who To Bring To Your Date Party

We’re among friends here, so it’s okay to admit that freshman–or senior–year, you totally crushed on one of your TAs. We’ve all been there. He’s older, smarter, and the fantasy of a hot pseudo-professor taking charge is practically a universal requirement of being a woman. The appeal of the nerd is underrated yet critical on the Spectrum of Dateable Dudes, and a type of guy I encourage any lady to approach at least once in her life.

1. Nerds are eager to please, especially in college when they aren’t used to female attention. They’ll treat the girl who gives them a chance with the respect and admiration she deserves.

2. Nerds, unlike other members of the Spectrum of Dateable Dudes, are uniquely able to carry a great conversation. They read, they’re interested in the world, and they probably have a perspective on things you’ve never even considered. Likewise, nerds are interested in what you have to say, and are often uniquely talented listeners. Besides, being the next Michelle Obama or Laura Bush wouldn’t be half bad–you know, having a private plane, limitless power, and hanging out with Beyoncé.

3. Dating someone outside your social scene comes with the serious benefit of not knowing other girls he’s been with. The boys you hang out with may have fooled around with half the girls on Greek row, but the nerd probably doesn’t know the difference between a date party and a raid–nor does he care.

4. Guys like to think girls only date assholes, which sadly gets proven true time and time again. Certainly, though, us ladies can do better than feed into this tired trope. Think about it this way: some of the greatest romances in history were between a beautiful babe and her sweet, sexy nerd. And hey, if nerds were good enough for Summer Roberts from “The O.C.” and Penny from “The Big Bang Theory,” they’re good enough for me.

5. Finally, a guy is a guy. Whether he’s his fraternity’s rush chair, the starting quarterback of the football team, or president of the chess club, his social status and reputation isn’t going to keep you warm at night or make you soup when you’re sick. Besides, your sisters and friends will love him for how much he loves you.

At the end of the day, dating a nerd is an important experience for any girl. You can work on your calculus homework together, cuddle while watching “Star Trek” (the Chris Pine version, obviously) and then have a fun time while he studies your anatomy. It’s truly a win-win situation.

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