5 Chick Flicks Your Boyfriend Will Actually Watch

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Sup, ladies. I’m back, and I’m bringing some heat to help you through those cold winter nights. This column is about movies — specifically about movies that you love and your dude probably doesn’t think he’ll like. As a single dude, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pour some beer out for a homie stuck watching The Notebook while everyone else was at the bar. Never ever make a dude watch The Notebook; you may need a love story with a good cry at the end, but no man needs that. Ever. We have movies like Marley and Me or Old Yeller.

Here are five movies that are typically thought of as chick flicks. Most men tend to avoid these at all costs unless they know they’ll get something out of the deal. What guys don’t realize is that most dudes actually love these movies for one reason or another. If you have a particularly stubborn guy who doesn’t want to watch “anything girly,” then get him to watch one of the movies on this list. No matter how much he outwardly protests before and after the movie, he will be thankful that you expanded his cinematic horizons. Plus, you will, once again, be right.

The Proposal
If you need a surefire chick flick, then go with this one. For an unknown reason, men seem to love Sandra Bullock, even though she plays a shrewish Canadian woman in this movie. Ryan Reynolds is the ever sarcastic jerk, and he appeals to the general male’s propensity for being an asshole. In the end, he gets to marry Sandra Bullock, which, according to some informal research, is something that 69 percent of dudes want to do some day. This is a guaranteed winner.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Your dude will love this movie because Mila Kunis is hotter than a five-alarm fire, and it also does a pretty good job at representing how a shitty breakup feels for a dude — so don’t watch this one if your relationship isn’t that great…or do, if you have some type of Machiavellian ploy to show him that life is better with a girlfriend than without one. Watch this, end it with a hot romp in the sack, and then use that to entice your dude to go see Fifty Shades solely for the purpose of making your safe word that evening “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a,” which is the state fish of Hawaii.

The Princess Bride
The title makes this one a really tough sell, which is funny because that is the same gripe that the little kid had at the beginning. All you need to do is say these three words: Andre the Giant. Your dude will, at the very least, be intrigued. Also, Inigo and Westley’s bromance is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and competition, just like every fraternity guy’s friendship ever. After watching this movie, role play as Buttercup and Westley. If he maintains character as he should, he will do whatever you want him to do.

Too many guys don’t like musicals and that’s a shame, because musicals are awesome. My advice to you is to tell him that you want to watch Top Gun or something similar, and then just pull a switcheroo. While Grease has a distinct lack of F-14s, John Travolta does fly off into the sunset in a 1948 Ford De Luxe. Your dude won’t be happy, but as far as musicals for dudes go, Grease is a gateway. Eventually, you’ll be singing along to “Come What May” and dancing to “El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge.

Dirty Dancing
This movie is probably your favorite out of all the movies on this list. This movie is also a movie that your dude hasn’t watched because it’s “girly.” It is absolutely not. Patrick Swayze (RIP) is sexy as hell, and every dude is going to suspend the unfortunate plot point that Baby is young because she’s sexy as hell, too. This movie is equal parts summer camp fantasy and white guys with sick dance moves.

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JohnnyPSK (@MrJohnMay) is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move. He isn't afraid to admit that he loves a good pina colada.

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