5 Celebrities Who Need To Start Makeup Lines Now


Before I dive into this article, let me preface this by saying that each and every one of you is beautiful on the inside, and that’s what counts. But if I were to be completely honest, and I am sure you would agree, I don’t really give a damn if I have the same personality as Kendall Jenner or Taylor Swift. I just want their cat eye and perfect lipstick applications. I want to look like a celebrity. And today, we all took one small step closer to being able to look like a supermodel.

Much to the rejoice of basics everywhere, Maybelline’s vice president just hinted that the company and their campaign star, Gigi Hadid, may be developing products in the near future. That’s right. You are going to soon be able to wear the same lipstick and eyeliner as Gigi Hadid. The brand, while blurry about the details, essentially realized that Gigi is well on her way to becoming an icon and is the epitome of perfection, making her a valuable business partner. And while we wait in anticipation for Maybelline’s partnership, I’m going to work on getting these celebrities to start their own beauty lines.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has had brief partnerships in the past, but I am convinced that she could run an entire beauty store when she retires. I’m thinking outrageous glitter, false eyelashes galore, and enough body paint to last a sorority through bid days for years to come.

Kate Middleton
While it has been determined that Princess Kate may not actually be human, she can definitely share her skin care secrets with us. Like, If I pop out two kids and still have the skin of an angel who hasn’t seen a tanning bed, then I’ll make my own makeup line too.

Taylor Swift
I need that girl’s lipstick. While Taylor is an accomplished musician, I think she needs to add a little ~variety~ to her portfolio. You know, in case the singing thing doesn’t work out or something.

Holy mother of cat eye. There’s a reason Adele’s album covers are all close-ups of her face. I’m also convinced that if Adele launched a makeup brand, pale would finally be cool. Until then, you can find me under my pile of bronzer.

Taylor Momsen
Before you question my sanity, hear me out. While I don’t think that looking like a raccoon is particularly sexy, I do give the girl mad props for keeping all that eye makeup in place. If she could harness that energy into a full line, we could kiss our setting powders and blotting sheets goodbye.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some calls to make. It’s almost midnight in England, and I don’t want to wake Adele up.

[via WWD]

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