49 Times It’s Acceptable To Friendzone A Guy


Girls always get the bitch reputation when it comes to friend-zoning guys. While it is possible for guys to make it out of the friend zone, it’s common knowledge that it’s highly unlikely. Instead of giving a guy a chance because you feel bad for him, then having to go through the hassle of breaking his little heart later, be proactive and refrain from getting his hopes up in the first place. That being said, here’s a list of reasons it’s okay to refuse to give him a chance and leave his ass in the friend zone.

  1. He currently has a girlfriend.
  2. And you don’t want to be a home wrecker.
  3. You know he has cheated on past girlfriends.
  4. And you don’t want to get cheated on.
  5. Because once a cheater always a cheater.
  6. Your mom hates him.
  7. Your dad hates him.
  8. Your friends hate him.
  9. Your brother heard he’s a douche.
  10. He has a history of lying.
  11. You’ve heard he has a small dick.
  12. Or know from personal experience he has a small dick.
  13. You dated his best friend.
  14. Or his pledge brother.
  15. And sharing a room with your ex at formal would just be fucking weird.
  16. He’s dated one of your friends.
  17. He’s hooked up with someone in your pledge class.
  18. He’s looking for a hookup when you’re the “relationship type.”
  19. He’s looking for a relationship when you’re more of the “hookup type.”
  20. He wants to do long distance.
  21. And you like sex.
  22. You don’t like his personality.
  23. Some guys are just douchebags.
  24. You aren’t physically attracted to him.
  25. It doesn’t make you a bad person if it’s the truth.
  26. He treats your friends disrespectfully.
  27. You’ve given him a chance before.
  28. He turned you down.
  29. And wants another chance.
  30. You can handle rejection, but you refuse to be someone’s second choice.
  31. He can’t hold his liquor.
  32. He has shitty taste in Netflix shows.
  33. Who the fuck doesn’t like The Office?
  34. He’s in a shitty fraternity.
  35. As bitchy as it sounds, top tier is a thing.
  36. He’s not nice to his mom.
  37. RUN from any guy who’s not nice to his mom.
  38. This guy shouldn’t even be your friend at this point.
  39. He doesn’t know how to change a flat tire.
  40. He takes too many gym selfies.
  41. He takes ANY gym selfies.
  42. You can shotgun a beer faster than he can.
  43. Or he doesn’t know how to shotgun at all.
  44. He sucks at school.
  45. If he can’t pass now, then how the fuck is he going to buy the mansion that you want five years from now?
  46. He’s poor.
  47. If he can’t touch your butt and then take you to Chipotle, what’s the point?
  48. He’s your best friend and you don’t want to risk losing him.
  49. You just don’t fucking like him in that way.

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