47 Really Great Things About Being In A Long Distance Relationship


Ah the long distance relationship. The source of many fights, tears, and breakups. While most people swear off the LDR (and I myself was one of them), there’s something all of those sneaky lovers haven’t told us: long distance relationships are the shit. Sure, they can be annoying. And yes, not having your boyfriend next to you at all times is a drag. But when it all comes down to it, being in a LDR is actually pretty great. Here are a few reasons why those couples you called crazy, might not be so crazy after all.

  1. You don’t have to subject yourself to shit you don’t want to do, like hiking.
  2. Or blowjobs.
  3. And Sundays aren’t spent pretending to care about football.
  4. Or “grabbing a beer” for him because he just can’t get up.
  5. Those shows you’re too embarrassed to admit you watch? No one ever has to know.
  6. And you can drool over Chuck Bass for the millionth time to your heart’s content.
  7. Plus, you can easily pretend that you’ve done productive things all day instead of just watching said embarrassing shows.
  8. Every weekend you visit each other is like a vacation.
  9. And being on vacation time is different than being on real time, so you get to eat shit, and be lazy, and get really drunk together.
  10. Plus, you actually want to do fun things together, because your time is more precious.
  11. You get to use all of your pillows.
  12. And sleep in the middle of the bed (diagonally, if that’s you’re thing).
  13. And no one will complain about how you hog the covers.
  14. You. save. so. much. money.
  15. Well, he saves so much money. Which means that when you see each other, he pulls out all the stops.
  16. You actually use your phone for calls, which seems totally vintage and nostalgic.
  17. And hey, phone sex. That’s a thing.
  18. And when he asks “what you’re wearing” you can totally lie and act like you’re sexy, instead of the 4-days-since-you’ve-washed-your-hair greasy mess that you actually are.
  19. He’ll send you handwritten notes and flowers “just because.”
  20. JK. He’s not going to do that. But he will send you sort of cute Snapchats of his dog so like, same thing.
  21. Do you know what’s expensive? Razors. Do you know what you don’t really have to buy anymore? Razors.
  22. The last time you’ll have gone this long without shaving was before you started shaving.
  23. And you honestly can’t even see your vagina anymore.
  24. BUT, you get to have the perfectly silky, “haven’t shaved in ages,” feeling when you get ready for his visit.
  25. Drunk texting is exciting again.
  26. Drunk Facetiming is even more exciting.
  27. And you sorrrrt of feel like you’re single again. Not in a cheating way. But in an “when I go out I don’t stand in the corner and talk to my boyfriend the whole night” way.
  28. You get to drink wine and eat macaroni out of the pan in bed.
  29. All day, if that’s you’re deal.
  30. You have time to work on all of those things you dream of, like crafting, getting abs, or starting a cat hotel.
  31. And he can go to the gym or play with his balls as much as he wants without feeling pressured to hang out with you.
  32. So when you DO hangout, it’s because you both really want to.
  33. You can be the total, disgusting, dishes-in-the-sink slob that you were born to be for weeks, and then power-clean the day before he sees you.
  34. Remember when you used to spend time with friends? You get to do that in an LDR.
  35. And you’re never the first one to bail because “your boyfriend made plans.”
  36. You get to have really dramatic and emotional airport reunitings.
  37. And hell, he might actually make you a crudely decorated cardboard sign to greet you when your flight lands.
  38. Sex. does. not. get. old.
  39. And you’ll break your personal record because he’ll be able to go as many times as you’d like.
  40. And if it does get old? You don’t have to have it nearly as much.
  41. #WCWs are actually a thing when he’s far away. That’s just a fact.
  42. And he’s more likely to take a million cute pictures of you because he wants something to look at when he’s feeling lonely at night to make you happy.
  43. Once you actually get to see the person, everything you do is thrilling.
  44. Even if you lay in bed all day, you have an absolute blast.
  45. You learn how to actually trust someone.
  46. And that absence really does makes the heart grow fonder.
  47. And no matter how long it is between visits, or how many days are left until you reunite for good, you learn to really love someone. You learn to love them when you’re next to you, breathing deeply into the night. And you learn to love them when they’re across the country, when their phone is off, and you have no idea what they’re doing. You grow from the fights. From the miscommunications. From the over-expectations. And you cherish the kisses, the adventures, and the small texts in the middle of the day that turn your world around.


Plus, you get to love him without having to deal with the fact that he never puts the seat down. And for that, you are truly, truly #blessed.

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Rachel Varina

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