44 Things Every Dancer Turned Sorority Girl Can Relate To


There are three types of girls in the world. Girls who were dancers. Girls who were cheerleaders. And everyone else. If you’re one of the first two elite groups, you know that it’s a constant struggle of “who’s better.” The cheerleaders claim that they’re on top. It’s funny, because all of the dancers know that it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Either way, it’s a battle that has separated us for the longest time until, of course, we went to college. Then we went through recruitment. And we were pushed together in chapters because let’s be real: If you were a dancer or cheerleader, you’re a sorority’s dream. Still, there are a few things us dancers turned sorority girls know to be true. Thankfully all of those late night practices, constant pain, and never ending spotlight prepared us for greatness.

  1. Philanthropy performances cause literally no anxiety since you’re used to a giant stage.
  2. The barre fitness class offered at your gym isn’t so much a workout as it is a lifestyle.
  3. And whenever you go, you make sure your legs are the highest, your plies are lowest, and your arms are the most graceful.
  4. Yet you still find an excuse to avoid across the floor.
  5. Fraternity basement floors are just begging to be tapped on.
  6. And you’ve caught yourself leaping down your sorority house’s hallways because you honestly can’t help yourself.
  7. The day you got your bid was almost as exciting as the day you got your fouette turns.
  8. Both of those journeys were painful, exhausting, and made you cry. A lot.
  9. Whenever there’s a philanthropy dance competition of any sort you’re the first to sign up.
  10. If you’re not already chairing it.
  11. And you’re always the girl with the solo leaps, turns, and kicks because you’ll find any excuse to be the star.
  12. You tell everyone you’re in a sorority just like you would tell everyone you were on the dance team.
  13. Bonus points if you’re on exec or was captain.
  14. And if you were captain, you were pretty much guaranteed an exec position because you’re used to bossing around a ton of girls.
  15. Your friends from dance were basically like your pre-sorority because yes. You were that close.
  16. They’re called jazz pants, not yoga pants.
  17. You’re the best at any dance move during recruitment.
  18. And smiling nonstop for a week is second nature for you, because you were trained to always. show. teeth.
  19. Girls who can’t count during your entrance dances makes you want to literally cry.
  21. When you’re drunk with other sisters who danced, you always start learning choreography.
  22. And seeing if you still have your splits.
  23. Which you do. Obviously.
  24. Having a costume for a date function is never a problem, because you’ve kept every recital outfit you ever had.
  25. And skimpy “going out clothes” never make you self-conscious, since you’re used to only being in booty shorts and a sports bra.
  26. You think heels are painful? LOL. Try pointe shoes.
  27. Your “little” from your dance team means almost as much to you as your little from your sorority.
  28. And your new member coordinator still terrifies you just like your competition coach does.
  29. You have a memory for every song, whether it was from recruitment or recital.
  30. And you can’t help but tell everyone you know that this is YOUR song.
  31. Making boys go to your philanthropy is the new making them go to your recital.
  32. Having a full schedule is second nature to you since you’re used to having five hours of dance every day after school.
  33. If you see another girl wearing your letters or a competition shirt, you immediately freak out and want to be her friend.
  34. And if you know she’s Greek or danced, you immediately feel a connection.
  35. Bows, glitter, and hairspray don’t phase you.
  36. And everyone is always asking you to do their makeup because you perfected the art of wings and fake eyelashes a long, long time ago.
  37. When people find out you took ballet forever, they immediately think you’re a stuck-up bitch.
  38. When people find out you’re in a sorority, they immediately think you’re a stuck-up bitch.
  39. If a girl says she did cheer, you sort of hate her. Just like if a girl says she’s in a rival chapter.
  40. But you learn to love her because it turns out, you have a lot in common. Things like jumps, being able to make the perfect bun, and pan love.
  41. Paying dues wasn’t as much of a shock because your parents were used to paying thousands of dollars in dance lessons anyways.
  42. Having someone tell you what to wear hasn’t upset you since your ballet teacher made you change out of tan tights and into pink ones.
  43. You knew you wanted to be a dancer since you were little, just like you knew you wanted to be Greek.
  44. And no matter how much time has passed or how much you change, you’ll always be proud to be sorority woman, just like you’ll always be proud to be a dancer. Those bonds, those memories, and those friendship are for life.

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Rachel Varina

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