44 Holiday Season Pickup Lines


So the weather may be rather nippy, but you’re looking to make your love life spicy. It’s kind of hard to show off your hot body under all of those layers, which means you have to lure guys in by actually talking to them if you want to get laid. Here are a few lines that are sure to spread the some holiday cheer in and out of the bedroom.

  1. If I were you, I would keep an eye out for elves with ropes and a blindfold at night.
  2. Wanna ring in the New Year with a bang?
  3. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
  4. I can be naughty or nice. Which do you prefer?
  5. Is your name Winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.
  6. I would definitely let you join in my reindeer games.
  7. Do you own any earmuffs? My roommate might want to borrow them tonight.
  8. I totally want to eggsnog you.
  9. I don’t have a foot fetish, but I’m pretty into mistle-toe.
  10. Are you Santa? Because I want to sit on your lap and whisper exactly what I want from you.
  11. You be a tree, and I’ll wrap around you like tinsel.
  12. Know what I want for Christmas? You.
  13. My bedroom is the warmest place for 500 miles. Looks like we have to head there if we want to stay warm.
  14. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? I’m looking at mine right now.
  15. Can I see your North Pole?
  16. If you wake up in a box on Christmas morning, it’s because I asked Santa for the man of my dreams.
  17. My hands are feeling festive. Do you mind if I jingle your bells?
  18. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but it’s about to be 2011, right?
  19. I have some mistletoe on my belt. You know the rules…
  20. It’s a time of giving, so you should give me your phone number.
  21. I just hung a stocking your size. Santa knows what I want this year.
  22. Show me your snowballs.
  23. Are you my Christmas present? Because I would love to unwrap you.
  24. Ten bucks if you can find which part of my body is the warmest.
  25. The ball in Times Square isn’t the only thing going down tonight.
  26. Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me?
  27. I know you’re not Santa, but I believe you have something for me that comes in a sack.
  28. This snow puddle isn’t the only thing that’s wet right now.
  29. The quicker we get in my bed, the sooner Santa will be here.
  30. Those aren’t sugar plums dancing through my head. My dreams only have room for you.
  31. My favorite toys run on batteries.
  32. Is your name Kwanzaa? Because I’d love to do you for a whole week.
  33. The temperature is freezing outside. Good thing you’re still extremely hot.
  34. Let’s do some role play. You be Santa and I will be your ho ho ho.
  35. It doesn’t have to be a silent night…
  36. Wanna Scrooge?
  37. Is your name Jingle Bells? Because I want to go all the way with you.
  38. If you are in need of a scarf I will wrap my legs around you.
  39. Who needs a sled when you can just ride me?
  40. Santa must have put you on the Sexy List.
  41. When I think about you, I touch my elf.
  42. Can I hiber-mate with you?
  43. My stocking isn’t the only thing I want stuffed this Christmas.
  44. I like milk and cookies, but I would rather have you.

Happy holidays, you naughty girl, you.

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Kellie Stritz

Kellie, spelled with an "ie," practically resides at Starbucks even though they have yet to spell her name correctly. She's obsessed with the color pink, Elle Woods, and Bitmoji's. Her biggest accomplishment is breaking the record within her sorority for how many standards hearings she has had without getting kicked out. She spends her free time trying to stay tan (i.e. sunburnt) and stalking people on social media.

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