44 Hilariously Honest Descriptions Of What Friendship Really Means


  1. Friendship is agreeing that you want ice cream, too, even though spring break is right around the corner.
  2. Friendship is getting up at 8 a.m. to sit through a senior thesis presentation you have absolutely no interest in (and not even falling asleep).
  3. Friendship is giving up your fleece jacket when she’s more sober.
  4. Friendship is paying for the pizza one too many times and never complaining about it (even though you really want to complain about it).
  5. Friendship is stepping away from a cute boy to dry her tears in the bathroom and remind her how pretty she is.
  6. Friendship is not having to ask if she wants to share a side of queso. Obviously, it’s a given.
  7. Friendship is going on a singles’ Valentine’s Day date every year (even after one of you has a boyfriend).
  8. Friendship is leaving penis drawings cute notes in the middle of her sticky note block.
  9. Friendship is letting her use your $50 eyeshadow palette.
  10. Friendship is spending more time on her hair than you spent on your hair, makeup, and shower combined.
  11. Friendship is arriving late together to spare her the embarrassment of being the only one.
  12. Friendship is hating the gym but still going with her just to make it less awkward.
  13. Friendship is letting her have the last piece of sushi even if you really want it.
  14. Friendship is never posting an Instagram photo of her without first obtaining permission.
  15. Friendship is boozing together in the kitchen while the boys are watching ESPN, playing video games, or doing some other boyish and uninteresting thing.
  16. And friendship is cheering for her team when she wants to watch the game (even if you don’t really like sports).
  17. Friendship is driving across campus to pick her up so she doesn’t have to walk in the snow, rain, heat, wind, or those ridiculous heels.
  18. Friendship is going through every filter with her until you find the one that best accentuates her tan (or hides the lack thereof).
  19. Friendship is helping paint her boyfriend’s cooler and letting her take all the credit.
  20. Friendship is pulling all nighters in the library together on Wednesday and then again at the bars on Friday.
  21. Friendship is bringing her back a box of cheddar bay biscuits from your date night at the risk of looking like a pig.
  22. Friendship is sending kissy face emojis and calling each other names like “boothang,” even though the relationship is completely platonic.
  23. Friendship is getting up at odd hours of the morning on multiple occasions for study abroad Skype sessions.
  24. Friendship is letting her put way too many emojis at the end of her contact name and only deleting a few of them when she forgets.
  25. Friendship is sharing a twin-sized bed when her roommate locked the door for an unannounced sexcapade.
  26. Friendship is telling her about your secret dildo that looks like a caterpillar.
  27. Friendship is walking her home instead of some sleazy guy, helping her take her shoes off, and getting her a very large bottle of water and mini trash can to cuddle with.
  28. Friendship is holding her hair for the twelfth time and not making her feel bad about it.
  29. Friendship is getting each other cute little gifts for every holiday, birthday, and formal event there is.
  30. Friendship is not having to ask if brunch is still happening. Brunch is always happening.
  31. Friendship is buying condoms, pregnancy tests, and Plan B for her when she’s too embarrassed.
  32. Friendship is having a synchronized daily routine of getting ready together, walking to class together, eating together, studying together, and Netflix bingeing together.
  33. Friendship is agreeing to be the DD on Margarita Monday when you’d literally kill for a frozen strawberry marg right now.
  34. Friendship is letting her borrow your cleanest of shot glasses in lieu of a contact case when she sleeps over.
  35. Friendship is stuffing fraternity paraphernalia into your dresses and making a run for it.
  36. Friendship is dancing on the table with her when no one else will.
  37. Friendship is braiding each other’s hair and watching Disney movies like it’s third grade all over again.
  38. Friendship is baking together for yourselves — not for the boys.
  39. And friendship is eating the leftover icing straight from the container and passing no judgment.
  40. Friendship is letting her copy your calculus homework because, ugh, calculus.
  41. Friendship is basically functioning as a campaign manager when she wants to run for Homecoming queen.
  42. Friendship is being able to last seven hours in the car together on the way to the beach and never fighting once — no matter how bad a driver she might be.
  43. And friendship is spending a week sunburned and hungover together but still loving every minute of it.
  44. Above all else, friendship is the closest thing to being sisters without actually being related. Although, most of the time, you’re mistaken as such.

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