43 Thoughts You Have When Running Into A Past One-Night Stand


  1. OMG is that the kid?
  2. Oh God, it’s that kid.
  3. Maybe he won’t see me…
  4. FML, we just made hard eye contact.
  5. Damn I knew I should’ve gone to the other frat.
  6. What was his name again? Mark? Steve?
  7. Is he really wearing the same shirt as the last time I stumbled into here?
  8. I really should go for someone with a better wardrobe.
  9. Like what are the chances of us being at the same party?
  10. Maybe he’s stalking me.
  11. Oh wait, this is his frat.
  12. Maybe he doesn’t remember me.
  13. He better fucking remember me.
  14. Is he talking to other girls?
  15. Like I’m standing right here, that’s just disrespectful.
  16. He’s probably trying to make me jealous.
  17. I should flirt with other guys.
  18. Do I introduce myself again?
  19. Like, hello? Remember me? You were inside me last week.
  20. Oh my God he’s so close!
  21. This is just uncomfortable…
  22. I knew I should’ve gone with the shirt that makes my boobs look phenomenal!
  23. Is he coming over here to talk to me?
  24. Does he think he can get me again?
  25. He probably thinks I’m easy.
  26. I’m a prize to be won!
  27. Well, I did sleep with him the first night I met him…
  28. Oh wait never mind, he’s not coming over. He just got another drink.
  29. Seriously, get yourself together and stop looking over.
  30. He just smiled at me… OMG.
  31. If we end up dating how are we going to tell people we met?
  32. I took my birth control right?
  33. Like I can’t have kids with a rando…
  34. I’m a smart, independent woman. I should go talk to him.
  35. Let’s be adults about this.
  36. But honestly, his dick wasn’t even that big.
  37. And he kind of smelled like beer and regret mixed in one.
  38. It’s fine that night is behind you.
  39. I wonder if everyone else knows…
  40. He’s probably already told his entire frat how much of a slut I am.
  41. I should drink more!
  42. Im feelin a liiiiiitle tipsyy
  43. I’m goin’ for rouund 2!!!!!!

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drunk and confused

On an average day you can find me awkwardly asking to pet dogs, searching through frat houses to find my missing wallet, and sending apology texts to the innocent victims from the evening before. Still navigating my way through undergrad life, and enjoying every drunken and confusing second of it

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