43 Reasons Why Delta Gamma At Virginia Tech Has The Best Recruitment Video Ever

Delta Gamma

I watch a lot of recruitment videos every day. That’s one of my jobs here. I sift though the hundreds of submissions we get, delete the ones that aren’t up to standards (sorry ladies), and post the ones that are good. Sometimes I’ll see one that’s really amazing, filled with candid moments and a real look at what a sorority is like. Those are the ones I publish.

Usually I title them something like “best recruitment video ever” because up until then, they are. Or at least, it’s the best one recently.

And I really hate to do this, but it turns out, I lied. Every time I said that a video was the best, I didn’t know what else was out there. What the possibilities entailed. And then we got this submission. Delta Gamma at Virginia Tech sent in their recruitment video, and we all either have to give up, or copy them completely.

Because this is, without a doubt, the best recruitment video we’ve ever seen.

It’s not flashy. There’s not a lot of clips of beautiful girls on docks, in gowns, playing with puppies, or dancing on a football field. There’s not a slow motion section that makes their moves look oh-so-cool, and there sure as hell isn’t any glitter blowing. The camera quality isn’t the best, and they didn’t perfectly stage it. In fact, they didn’t stage it at all.

And the result? Is the most real, hilarious, envy-inducing video ever. This video shows what it’s actually like to be in a sorority. Not because girls are telling you how much fun they have or how weird they are or how much they love their sisters. But because for the first time ever, a chapter actually showed it. Not with GoPro footage of fancy trips around the world or hiring an expensive editor. They did it with Snapchat, a sense of humor, and a new outlook on what a recruitment video should be. And honestly? I wish I could rush again, because I would give anything to hang with these girls.


And here’s a rundown of why, exactly, it’s perfect.

  1. It opens up with some girl singing Lionel Richie’s “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”
  2. So much hilarious ugly crying.
  3. And the dancing! Can we talk about the dancing.
  4. The awkward, strange, weird AF dancing we all do when we’re around people we truly feel comfortable with. That’s the dancing that’s in this video.
  5. Pizza. There’s pizza. But not staged, “look how trendy we are because we have pizza” pizza. I’m talking real pizza.
  6. The dumb faces we all make in our Snapchats.
  7. But the ones we send our friends, not our fuck friends.
  8. And they included those Snapchats that no one was supposed to see because we’re wearing face masks and sweats.
  9. The amount of shit they throw at each other.
  10. When the girl falls down the stairs.
  11. Did I mention the awkward dancing?
  12. When the girl just smacks her sister with a Goldfish box. Because, same.
  13. Cooler shopping FTW.
  14. The girl who proves that she understands us after they take a classic sorority picture with the “DeeGee” sign.
  15. Two words: car twerking.
  16. And the sister being like “nooooo” while watching the girl car twerk.
  17. The car singing.
  18. Real, genuine, so-funny-my-stomach-hurts laughs.
  19. Late-night drunk food.
  20. Their messy AF rooms.
  21. And the not-staged love you see when they hug.
  22. When the girl makes that piece of pizza her bitch and you just want to be her sister so bad.
    DG pizza
  23. The way their picture slideshow starts out all normal, but gets real weird, real fast.
  24. How they throw what they know in front of the Golden Arches.
  25. The girl who’s just casually grabbing Kate Upton’s tits.
  26. These girls in this serious picture.
  27. Sriracha bottle costumes.
  28. The way they eat food like normal people eat food and not like they’re doing a commercial.
  29. Actually, the way they act like normal (albeit, weird) people, and not like they’re doing a commercial.
  30. The pictures that are so obviously at bars but they really don’t care.
  31. And the way they’re pretty, but they don’t have to make that their selling point.
  32. If you bowed out before the seniors start at 5:00 you did it totally, totally wrong.
  33. Kylie Jenner lip challenge. They included those pictures in this.
  34. This girl who is actually all of us.
  35. And the fact that they included that picture as a selling point for their chapter.
  36. The double chinned Snapchat selfie that says “Even by accident I look beautiful.”
  37. Scratch that. All of the selfies.
  38. The disgusting, hilarious, absurd selfies that makes you realize that these girls are EXACTLY who you want to be friends with.
  39. The “Why are we on a hayride” girl.
  40. Banana. Including the fire banana picture at 5:53.
  42. Taquitos.
  43. The face mask that make us all look like death.

Please, please throw an honorary membership our way. Because that, is how it is done.

Images via Youtube

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