4 Signs You’re the Srat Star Of Your Summer Internship


1. You’re Always Dressed Impeccably

Who says you have to wear a boring, black basic power suit to be taken seriously? Of course you always want to look professional, but your time in a sorority has taught you that you don’t have to sacrifice style for professionalism. Whether you’re rocking J. Crew, Lilly, or a sweet Target find, you’re always turning heads at the office in the best way.

2. You’re Always In The Know

Some people might call this “gossiping,” but I prefer to think of it as staying informed. Whenever people want to know who’s hooking up, breaking up, or taking things to the next level, they know that you’re the girl to go to. You’ve only been at the office for a month, but you’re already in tune with the social hierarchy better than any of the other interns. Your finely honed social skills come in handy when navigating through office politics.

3. You’re Always Planning Something Fun

Whether it’s setting up a weekly Tuesday Taco night, or taking the reigns on setting up a weekend trip to the lake, you’re constantly finding ways to boost morale among your fellow interns. Your summer apartment is the place to go have a glass of wine and watch a movie after work. Everyone knows you’ve already scoped out the best bars for happy hour.

4. They Trust You to Get Things Done

You’ve handled huge budgets, and planned events that hundreds, if not thousands, of people attended. You already have a proven track record for managing people, time, and resources efficiently. Working under pressure and time constraints is your norm, and balancing the input of many people doesn’t overwhelm you. Your enthusiasm and determination speak for themselves with results. Your boss knows this, and can see your leadership experience shining through in your day to day work. He or she may trust you with projects they don’t give to the other interns.

And finally, everyone will know you’re the srat star of your internship because you’ll be the one dragging along that awesome cooler for your weekend lake trip.

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