4 Seemingly Weird PNMs Who Deserve A Second Look

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Recruitment is upon us, my friends. Get ready for the sleepless nights, the numb feet, and the pain in your cheeks from the forced smiling. You will soon meet hundreds of girls and have to make the call on whether or not they are worthy enough to wear your letters. First impressions are everything, and with only a couple minutes to talk to every PNM, it’s difficult to decide if they deserve a bid or not.

With some girls, you instantly know they’re perfect for your sisterhood, but there are always girls who you are on the fence about. Then there are the girls who make you laugh because you can’t imagine how they could even think about getting a bid. Before you are about to give the PNM in the latter category an automatic down vote, you need to think again. Although they probably won’t be able to keep up with power hour, and they might not know the difference between Vera Bradley and Lilly (I mean, there is obvi a huge difference) they will bring things to the table that other girls don’t.

Art Freak
“OMG, is her hair really green? Why is she wearing combat boots to pref round?”
I don’t know about you, but I need a glass (or bottle) of wine before I even think about crafting–and wine and hot glue guns DO NOT mix well. This girl might be a walking fashion disaster and just plain weird, but she can craft with the best of them. Need a cooler done? She’s your girl. Your banners for Greek Week will end up looking like a work of art. Her look might not mesh with everyone else in the chapter, but her eccentricity will give the chapter credit that you all aren’t clones. Or, if worse comes to worse, just pull a “The Devil Wears Prada” and give her a makeover.

The Wallflower
“She’s really pretty, but I’ve been talking to her for five minutes and she’s only said three words.”
This girl isn’t the most outgoing, but at least she has her looks. She might be super awkward at mixers, but her mere presence will boost your chapter’s hotness factor. It’s crucial that she’s cute. Otherwise, she’s just a shirt-wearer with no purpose. She also needs to have some pull so you can sweep in on the guys she attracts before they realize how freaking awkward she is. Plus, she won’t say anything stupid while wearing letters. I’m sure that after she has a couple shots in her, she’ll open up and be a good time. I mean, aren’t the quietest ones the craziest?

The Nun
“I honestly don’t think she owns anything other than turtlenecks.”
She doesn’t drink or smoke and she’s saving it until marriage, but this girl is worth a second look. She’ll never be invited to a fraternity date function and it might be a slight embarrassment if she ever decides to leave the safety of the house and go to a party, but she brings a lot of good things that you know others can’t. This girl wants to join because of sisterhood or for the philanthropy, or both. She’s so willing to do the things that you aren’t. If you’re hungover before having to wake up early for some philanthropy event, she’ll cover your shift–and she’ll be happy to do so. You need a sober monitor? Of course she’ll do it. It wasn’t like she was going to drink anyway. She might judge you after you take a few too many shots, but she’ll keep it to herself while she holds your hair back, because that’s what a good sister does. This girl would also make a good president. She’s probably super responsible and very hardworking (I mean, it must be hard work to wake up early every Sunday after holding everyone’s hair back the night before). She won’t mind dealing with nationals, and the advisors probably think she is an angel. But (word to the wise) don’t let her be the standards chair, because I guarantee that at least half the chapter will end up having to take an alcohol education course or be on social probation.

The Comic Book Nerd
“Doctor who?”
Half the things she says confuse you, and not because they’re smart things, but because they’re all freaking weird. She might be in dire need of a Brazilian blowout, an intervention to help her quit buying graphic tees from Hot Topic, and for someone to tell her to stop making obscure references to random shows (Don’t blink? But my mascara is already dry…) but she has potential. Of all the aforementioned girls, she brings the least benefits. She has a good GPA, but the nun probably does, too. She’s just as socially awkward as the wallflower, but without the hotness factor. Plus, her creativity is geared more toward writing Harry Potter fan fiction, not banner-making. Her one purpose for being part of your chapter is that if you are stuck mixing with a bottom-tier fraternity, she will be able to talk to them on their level so you won’t have to. This saves you from the pathetic situation of those guys attempting to hit on you.

Whether or not you are willing to take the risk of giving a bid to one of these PNMs, you need to determine one crucial thing: how easily are you able to prevent them from interacting with general public?

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