4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Send A Senior To Standards

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Senior year comes way too quickly. It’s like you blink and suddenly you are online shopping for real life things like crockpots. Being a sorority jams the time machine that is college into overtime. You spend so much time in class, in the library, at events, with your sisters, that you don’t even realize what year it is. When you get to your tail end of your college sorority experience (because it’s not four years, it’s ~for life~), it’s normal to act out. But is it grounds to send them to standards? Heck to the hell no.

1. It’s Their Last Year

Have some compassion, you heartless twat. Their actions are clearly an outward response to the stress of having to find a job or apply to grad school. Seniors are about to walk the plank off the college ship and plunge into the deep unknown of the real world. One last hoorah is all they have left. Are we really going to take their last bit of free spirit away from them before it’s withered away by corporate America? Seniors have one final chance to squeeze every ounce of college that they can, and we can’t stand in the way of that.

2. They’ve Made It This Far

If they’re still in the chapter, just let them ride it out until it’s over. Unless they are doing something that is seriously giving the sorority a disparaging image or, like, hurting people, then we can just let it slide. Brittany made out with her date at formal? Great. So did I, but you didn’t see me because I was in the bathroom. She was just too drunk to realize where she was. Wait, she was supposed to be a sober sister? Oh…

3. They Have Other Stuff To Worry About

Their entire future depends on what they do in the next 10 months. They have no idea where they will be a year from now, so are they really going to be concerned that they didn’t attend Kappa Sig’s philanthropy event because they were stuck doing all the work in a group project? On seniors’ list of priorities, obeying standards is right below cleaning their sheets and right above reorganizing their refrigerator. By punishing them, you run the risk of them rebelling even more or worse, disaffiliating, in protest.

4. They Earned The Privilege

Think of the seniors in your chapter. Without them, the chapter would not be the way it is now. Whether you were a freshman looking to seniors as role models, or you were a senior and they were friends with your big, the entire experience would be different. Of course, that’s a cliche and overtly obvious saying, of course it would be different because they wouldn’t be there, but you get what I’m saying. They have put in their time — they followed the rules, passed their pledge test, gave up their seat in chapter for older sisters, raised money for philanthropy events, stayed up until dawn practicing Greek Sing dances, and listened to the President every time she had a soapbox to stand on. They are allowed some wiggle room.

So this year, when you see a senior peeing in the sink at formal, smile and offer her some toilet paper. She deserves it.

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