4 Reasons Why January Term Is The Absolute Best

J Term

Not everyone gets to be blessed with the debauchery disguised as academics that is January Term. Whatever you want to call it, J-Term, Intersession, Winter Term — it’s the friggin’ tits. If your school doesn’t have this option, here’s what you’re missing.

1. Travel

Think of any country. In this very moment, there’s probably a professor in that very place, trekking along a beautiful scenic tour, and rambling to hungover students about a famous environmental scientist. If you thought spending winter break in the Bahamas was awesome, try devoting the entire month of January to getting smashed on a cruise disguised as an economics class with all of your best friends. Let’s not forget that the entire southern hemisphere is knee deep in swimsuit season, not snow. Just think of the tan you’ll come back with! And remember that French guy you were obsessing over last semester? Well, now you get to be the hot, foreign one with the cute accent.

2. More Time and More Alcohol

Even if you stay on campus for Winter Term, the classes are still awesome as long as you learn to pick the right ones (AKA mostly artsy stuff and definitely not science). Steer clear of 400 level classes and professors with terrible reputations, and you’ve got yourself a January for the books. Your classes will probably only be 3-4 days a week, giving you the perfect long weekends to binge watch all the shows you’ve been missing, with a dash of dancing on tables at night. With barely any assignments, you won’t be so distracted from the real reason you went to school: good ol’ vodka.

3. Less People

Whether you’re traveling with your small class or chilling on a campus depleted of half it’s student population, you will feel like a queen on Greek row. You won’t have to wait in pesky lines for events. You won’t have asshole jocks cutting in front of you to steal the last chicken wing in the cafeteria. And you will never wait to get a seat at the bar. Even if your friends aren’t taking classes, chances are some of them will sneak back just for the partying, and even more gents will slowly trickle back to campus when they hear of all the festivities.

4. Drinking in the Snow

If alcohol and snow had a baby, it would be called January Term. When it’s snowing, you get to act like a kid and no one will judge you simply because the weather decided to be cool. Now, pair that with alcohol to numb your senses, and you could go for hours. Plus, it looks really pretty and makes a good backdrop for makeout sessions. Later, you and your fella can snuggle under blankets with hot cocoa and pretend to watch whatever romantic comedy you suggested.

Isn’t J-Term just the best?

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