3D Printers Are Now Printing Pizza


We still haven’t found a cure to the common cold, AIDS, or cancer, but the nerds over at XYZ in Taiwan figured out how to make a machine that 3D prints pizza, cake, biscuits and more, so the human race is in good hands. We have pizza, on demand. That’s what I call progress. Oh, how far we’ve come since landing on the moon 46 years ago.

XYZ creates perfect 3D printed treats by laying exact amounts of ingredients onto a wax tray before you place it into an oven. It even gives you the option to choose what shape you want your pizza in, like a dinosaur or 3D printed bear.

I get it. It’s just so hard to pick up the phone or log into a website and order delivery. And then there’s that whole mess of having to talk to the delivery guy when he delivers the pizza while you’re still haven’t showered and still have last night’s makeup on your face. It’s embarrassing, and frankly, unnecessary. With the click of a button, you can have the perfect pizza spat out right in front of you. The future is now.

Since the 3D printer was invented, they’ve used it for seriously amazing causes. Doctors have saved lives with 3D printed prosthetics, bones, and even stem cells. But this is by far, the most tasty. However there are a number of things I would want 3D printed since we’re already headed down this slippery slope:

  1. A boyfriend. Obviously.
  2. A strapless bra that doesn’t fall down.
  3. A chipotle burrito where the ingredients aren’t concentrated in the center.
  4. A puppy that doesn’t shed or eat anything besides dog food.
  5. The perfect vibrator.
  6. A sprawling country home.
  7. All. The. Crafts. Because some of us can’t use a glue gun without causing bodily harm.

This is why we need more people in STEM fields.

[via Daily Mail]

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