39 Signs You’re A Nerdy Girl


Nerds have been longstanding members of the social hierarchy. Although they are some of the most valuable citizens, they are usually regarded as weak and feeble. It may seem like the bold and the beautiful are the ones who are running the show, but the nerds are the ones who are behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly and trading test answers for a chance to get laid. When you’re a nerdy girl, you’re not one of those girls who say they are a nerd because they watched Star Wars once. You are nerdy from the textbooks you buy to the flats that you wear to bars, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

  1. When you go out, people recognize you from the library.
  2. That’s when you actually go out.
  3. Which is very rare.
  4. Because you are always in the library.
  5. Thus, the title “Girl From The Library.”
  6. You’re smart enough that it didn’t need to be spelled out for you.
  7. But you appreciate the thorough explanation.
  8. Your wardrobe is very spirited.
  9. Meaning you are always seen in school colors or letters.
  10. You stay all the way to the end of football games.
  11. Not because you love sports, but because you love your school.
  12. You are scholarship chair.
  13. People fight to sit next to you in class.
  14. So they can copy off of you.
  15. Which is reflective of most of your high school, middle school, elementary school, and preschool experience.
  16. You always do all of the work during group projects.
  17. Like, actually. You’re not just bitching about it. Your group expects you to do everything.
  18. “Netflix and Chill” means documentaries and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.
  19. You’re pissed Pokémon Go is so popular because you liked it when it wasn’t cool.
  20. You actually did the reading from last night.
  21. And you have a strong opinion on it that you would like to share with the class.
  22. You are described as “wholesome.”
  23. “Wifey material.”
  24. “Sweet.”
  25. “Quirky.”
  26. But the only guys that actually go after you are also decidedly nerdy.
  27. You had to read Veronica’s article to find out what’s going on with Kim, Kanye, and Taylor Swift.
  28. You joined a sorority for the leadership.
  29. You have more than one major.
  30. You’ve been called a try-hard (probably because of the multiple majors).
  31. You show up to parties at the start time.
  32. You don’t curse.
  33. Instead you use ridiculous filler words.
  34. “Oh my stars!”
  35. “What the flip?”
  36. “Dang it to heck.”
  37. Your favorite drink is a Shirley Temple.
  38. You mentally correct the grammar of your friends’ texts.
  39. You are single-handedly raising your entire chapter’s GPA.

Who run the world? NERDS.

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