38 Things You Can Shamelessly Compete With Your BFF For


  1. Instagram likes.
  2. Facebook status likes. But not profile picture likes, because duh.
  3. Who has the longest hair.
  4. And if we’re honest, who sheds more hair in a day.
  5. Let’s not forget about who can go longest without shaving.
  6. Or showering. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen.
  7. Who can do more squats.
  8. And run the farthest.
  9. And later on, eat the most fries.
  10. Who can drink more coffee in a single day.
  11. And shotgun fastest that night.
  12. Shots.
  13. Followed shortly by who can snag the most phone numbers in one night.
  14. And if you’re feeling risky, who can have the most hookups.
  15. The number of pancakes eaten the day after your respective sexcapades.
  16. And how far you can get into your bottomless mimosas, of course.
  17. Who can go longest without a phone.
  18. Or Facebook stalking your exes.
  19. Who can send the highest number of consecutive texts to said exes.
  20. Who can study the longest.
  21. And by that, I mean who can watch the most Netflix episodes.
  22. And then use more tissues while crying over your failing grade.
  23. The number of gold stars on your Starbucks’ cards.
  24. And number of gold coins on Mario Kart.
  25. Slices of pizza eaten.
  26. Number of fucks given about said pizza — the lower, the better.
  27. Number of countries you have been to.
  28. And yes, Canada counts.
  29. Who can take more steps in a day.
  30. … which boils down to who walks to the refrigerator the most.
  31. Who can find the cheapest costume for a theme party/mixer.
  32. And the skankiest, of course.
  33. Shack shirts.
  34. Who can steal the most things from one fraternity.
  35. Ugliest composite. The more hair frizz, the better.
  36. Burping contests. Again, don’t act like it doesn’t happen.
  37. Number of Instagram posts that have both of you in them.
  38. And number of cheesy captions proclaiming your undying love for one another.

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PSLsandPearls has been shotgunning lattes and looking good since the mid 1990's. In her free time, she cuddles with any animal she can find and incessantly bitches about how busy she is. You can email her at (note the single PSL).

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