38 Excuses You Make For Being Single

X Excuses You Make For Being Sinle

  1. I’m just really picky.
  2. I don’t even know if I’d have time for a relationship!
  3. There’s just no one in my area.
  4. When I move I’ll find someone.
  5. There’s no where to meet guys.
  6. Do you really think I’m going to meet my husband in a bar?
  7. Or on Tinder? Ew.
  8. All the good guys are taken.
  9. Or gay.
  10. I’m waaay hotter than that guy.
  11. That guy is waaay hotter than me.
  12. I just need “me” time.
  13. I’m really taking time to focus on school.
  14. Boys are stupid.
  15. All guys are such assholes.
  16. I’m just waiting for the right guy to come around.
  17. I’ll worry about it when I’m older.
  18. I’m young! I’m supposed to be single!
  19. OMG. I would hate to be in a relationship right now.
  20. The only thing guys are interested in is a booty call.
  21. Texting someone all day sounds like such a chore.
  22. I’m still getting over my ex.
  23. I’m too independent for a relationship.
  24. I really don’t need a boyfriend to be happy.
  25. I refuse to settle.
  26. I’m too heartless.
  27. Dating takes too much effort.
  28. Making small talk with strangers is the worst.
  29. Ugh I would hate to have to shave my legs every day.
  30. ….and other regions.
  31. I like doing whatever I want. Whenever I want.
  32. My dog is enough for me.
  33. My cat is my boyfriend. LOL.
  34. All my friends are single too.
  35. I don’t want to gain the “love weight.”
  36. People in relationships are boring.
  37. Could I even go out if I was dating someone?
  38. I’m just really not the boyfriend type.

Keep doin’ yo thang, single sisters.

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Rachel Page

Rachel enjoys spending her time thinking about Britney Spears, whining about being single, and thinking about Britney Spears. She doesn't take to criticism well, so be nice or so she will cry herself to sleep! Email:

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