37 Things To Do While You’re Waiting To Go Back To School


Winter Break can never come soon enough, but as soon as we get past the holidays, it becomes a waiting game to get back to campus. Here are some things to do to pass them time until you are back fucking shit up with your roommates:

  1. Make eye contact with a hot guy. Make Pinterest boards that plan your lives together.
  2. Get a tattoo.
  3. Hide new tattoo from your mom who threatened to take a cheese grater to your flesh if you ever got a tattoo.
  4. Feed the poor.
  5. And by feed the poor I mean eat all the food in your kitchen while you still don’t have to pay for it.
  6. Speak in a different accent all day.
  7. Go on WebMD and see how many diseases you can diagnose yourself with.
  8. Start a twitter fight with some townies.
  9. Redownload Tinder for the 3rd time.
  10. Delete Tinder as soon as your little cousin pops up.
  11. Practice shotgunning beers over your kitchen sink.
  12. Buy a (new) vibrator.
  13. Masturbate? Bonus points if it’s in your childhood bed.
  14. Eat a weed brownie and watch the entire Planet Earth series.
  15. Text every guy you had a crush on in high school and ask them if they liked you back.
  16. Watch Youtube videos on contouring.
  17. Paint your face like you are a Kardashian.
  18. See how many dick pics you can get just for the sport of it.
  19. Adopt a pet rabbit.
  20. Name it Bunny Holly.
  21. Fake break up with your boyfriend and study his reaction.
  22. Practice fights with your exes in the mirror.
  23. Type three random words into Google Images and see what comes up. Repeat until laptop battery dies.
  24. Steal from the rich and give to the poor.
  25. Again, referring to taking money from your parents until you are back at school fending for yourself.
  26. Masturbate again.
  27.  Research which 2016 Presidential Candidate you most agree with.
  28. …By taking a quiz on Facebook.
  29. Open an Etsy shop and sell the crafts that were too shitty to give to your little during Big/Little Week.
  30. Watch DJ Khaled’s snapstory.
  31. Remake DJ Khaled’s snapstory.
  32. Delete it after 17 minutes after realizing it’s not as funny as you thought it was.
  33. Make Spotify playlists for sylly week’s pregames.
  34. Text random numbers “hey it’s me we have to talk” and then never answer again regardless of their efforts.
  35. Watch your favorite childhood movies and laugh at the adult jokes you didn’t get when you were a kid.
  36. Become emotionally invest in a TV series, adopt the characteristics and mindset of the character you most closely identify with, and live your life as such. Warning: Don’t pick shows like Dexter.
  37. Read a fucking book.

Don’t worry. It’s almost over.

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Ali Hin

A born and raised Jersey girl, she can always be found covered in sand and pizza sauce. Her personal brand is "that girl." She prefers wine in bottles because she thinks outside of the box. Send fan mail to or by smoke signal.

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