37 Signs You Have An Online Shopping Problem


I can’t imagine a world without online shopping. It’s the best thing to happen to the internet since the Kim K sex tape. Honestly, can online shopping really be that big of a problem? As long as you are spending money you do have, I don’t see the big deal here. You’re a stylish person who has a passion for fashion. Plus, that whole “look good feel good do well” thing works doesn’t it?

Shopping online is an addiction, and once you start it’s nearly impossible to stop. Here are a few signs that your hobby is becoming a serious problem:

  1. You receive packages in the mail weekly.
  2. You are constantly buying more hangers.
  3. Your most visited websites are Lulus, ASOS, Forever 21, Tobi, etc.
  4. The bookmarks on your computer contain all of the above.
  5. You have clothes in your closet you’ve never worn because there was a sale on sweaters in July and you couldn’t pass that up.
  6. You never wear the same dress/outfit to your sisters’ pinnings.
  7. Or chapter.
  8. Or formal.
  9. People beg you to help them pick out their outfits.
  10. When it comes to going out, you know just what to wear and where it is in your closet.
  11. Your have a “shopping” app section in your phone.
  12. You NEVER miss an online sale. 7 for $27 panties at VS? You bet your ass you’re all over that (pun intended).
  13. In fact, you have the date and time down to the second of that sale recorded in your phone’s alerts or reminders.
  14. The ads that appear on Facebook or on the side of your internet browser are for online shopping websites.
  15. Whenever you go on vacation, you have to buy a new outfit for every day.
  16. Free shipping turns you on.
  17. If there isn’t free shipping, it’s just an excuse to spend the $50 or $100 necessary to get free shipping.
  18. You have a wish list (and Pinterest board) of the outfits you want to buy for every event coming up, links to the clothes included.
  19. Your insta is flooded with #ootd and your latest arm party pieces you love to wear.
  20. You order online so often that you actually ship things back when they don’t fit or look different in person.
  21. You have an allotted online shopping budget each month.
  22. And you exceed it every month.
  23. You’ve purchased an extra clothing rack because things are getting a little tight. When has lack of hanger space ever stopped anyone?
  24. You strongly dislike actually going to the mall.
  25. If you have to go to the mall, you check the store’s online clothing selection before you get there so you know what to look out for.
  26. You’ve memorized your credit card number.
  27. And your mom’s credit card number.
  28. And when your boyfriend wasn’t looking, you took a picture of his credit card number.
  29. You send parents/boyfriends/aunts and uncles itemized lists of things you want and where to get them online during Christmas.
  30. You’re always complimented on your style.
  31. Even if you aren’t, it’s just because you’re fashionably ahead of everyone else. Those overalls your girlfriend said were ugly? She’ll be buying a pair in the next month.
  32. Sitting or standing in front of your closet is your happy place.
  33. When people ask you how you can afford to buy new clothes all the time, you say that looking this good takes sacrifices.
  34. You know your exact measurements so you never order the wrong size.
  35. You frequently resell your clothes to secondhand shops in order to finance the new clothes you order online.
  36. You check your shopping apps for new arrivals more often than your Facebook.
  37. You don’t think you have a problem, because everything you buy is on sale.

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