37 Problems Only Girls With Oily Skin Understand

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  1. Summer is your worst nemesis. Your already oily skin goes into overdrive the second you step outside.
  2. People ask why you’re sweating when you really just walked from your car to your destination.
  3. You think your skin would be more dry in the winter, and while that might be true for some parts of your face, your nose and forehead are still as greasy as ever.
  4. Even the most matte foundations can never keep you matte for more than an hour.
  5. Your face literally eats makeup.
  6. It’s fine, it’s not like you spend all your money and time trying to make your skin look presentable or anything.
  7. You can count on makeup coming off around your nose first.
  8. By the end of the day, it looks like you didn’t even have makeup on in the first place.
  9. You never leave the house without your trusty blotting papers and some powder.
  10. Your sunglasses actually slide down your face when you look down.
  11. And they also leave those adorable little spots on the sides of your nose when you take them off.
  12. You actually powder your nose when you go to the powder room.
  13. Every skin care product you use is “oil-free” and yet your face still looks like a frying pan by 10 a.m.
  14. Pimples stick around longer because of all the oils on your face. Yay!
  15. You laugh when a makeup product claims to be long-lasting. On your skin? Never.
  16. You’ve used a toilet seat cover to blot your face in a pinch, because yes, it really does work.
  17. You stay far, far away from any product that says “dewy” or “luminous” because you’re already shiny enough.
  18. Every time you touch your face (which is rare because IT’S SO, SO BAD FOR YOU) you feel the immediate urge to wash your hands.
  19. Clay masks are your best friend.
  20. You can only take pictures during the first hour after you put your makeup on.
  21. Because after that, your face turns into a slip-n-slide.
  22. You envy girls who have dry skin because it’s so much easier to apply moisture than it is to be constantly taking it off.
  23. Wearing makeup is basically a catch-22.
  24. If you don’t wear makeup, your greasiness is exposed to the world.
  25. If you do wear makeup, it melts in a few hours, also leaving your greasiness exposed to the world.
  26. Eyeshadows disappear on your lids after a few hours if you don’t use a primer.
  27. Seriously, where do they go?! Come back!
  28. You don’t understand how some people don’t wash their face in the morning because you wake up looking like you just took a dive in some Crisco.
  29. You buy those Biore nose strips in bulk.
  30. If you have to talk on the phone, you know you’ll have to wipe away the evidence from the screen as soon as you hang up.
  31. You really relate to Regina George in “Mean Girls” when she says her pores are huge, because yours are cavernous.
  32. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray is your saving grace.
  33. And so are mattifying primers.
  34. Everyone tells you that you’re going to have great skin with you’re older because you’re oily and you’re so sick of hearing it.
  35. Yeah, that might be true, but right now you’re at the peak of your attractiveness and this shit is not helping.
  36. Once you learn how to manage it, having oily skin isn’t that bad.
  37. At least until you have to step outside.

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