36 Things You Need To Know About Greek Life

Greek life

  1. The majority of “social fraternities” can be found in the good ol’ US of A.
    Land of the free and the home of the brave? Not surprised at all.
  2. But there are some chapters scattered in Canada, the Philippines, France, and the UK.
    Nothing makes a good time great like taking it international.
  3. Frat-like organizations in German-speaking countries are called Studentenverbindungen.
    As long as they have beer and sausages, I’m game.
  4. “Fraternity” comes from the latin word “frater” which means “brother.”
    It’s all making sense now.
  5. So the term “sorority” was created because the word “fraternity” was inappropriate for ladies.
    The founders didn’t want us to be considered “bros” even back in the day. Respect.
  6. Naturally, the word sorority comes from the Latin word “soror” meaning sister.
    Sorors before frater bros.
  7. Most Greek organizations share five common elements.
    And no, they’re not: partying, drugs, sex, alcohol, and phenomenal social media game. Well, except for the last one.
  8. The first, secrecy.
    Secrets secrets are so fun! Secrets aren’t for everyone (especially geeds).
  9. The second, single-sex membership.
    A few chapters are looking to change this, but honestly? The thought of sharing a house with frat guys low key makes me want to die.
  10. The third is the selection of new members using a two-part process known as rushing(recruitment) and pledging(new member period).
    Both of which are very, very different with guys and girls.
  11. The fourth is owning a house or a property or having a place where the members meet and/or live.
    And once you finally get a house, doing your best not to get it taken away.
  12. And finally, the fifth element is having complex identification symbols including Greek letters, badges, grips, hand signs, passwords, flowers, and colors, and rituals.
    Basically, everything we know that you don’t. How to get in the door, what our letters mean, the secret to taking over the world. Same ol’ same ol’.
  13. The first fraternity in North America (to have most of the five elements) was Phi Beta Kappa ( College of William and Mary) in 1775.
    Our fratting has been around longer than our freedom.
  14. But the oldest social fraternity in the United States is Chi Phi, which was founded at Princeton in 1824.
    It only took 49 years to learn that you could be Greek and have a hell of a time. Thank God someone figured it out.
  15. At first, since the term “sorority” wasn’t around yet, groups for us lady-folk were called “women’s fraternities.”
    Which is why the oldest sororities are actually still called fraternities. Confusing, I know.
  16. Still, these future “sororities” began to develop in 1851 thanks to Alpha Delta Pi (the Adelphean Society).
  17. But the first national secret college society of women that was modeled after the men’s fraternities was Pi Beta Phi in 1867.
    Sent from heaven to drink wine, they’re the angels of the modern sorority world.
  18. Btw, creating “fraternities for women” during this time? Yeah, that was a major freaking accomplishment.
    In the fight women’s rights, equality, and not conforming to restricting social customs, sororities were the front runners of taking a stance. Huh. Ironic. Sounds like what Greek women are still fighting for in this world.
  19. Both social and multicultural sororities can be found at 650 colleges across the United States and Canada.
    We’re like, really popular.
  20. The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) oversees 26 different sororities.
    And people say we’re not diverse…
  21. And it represents more than 4 million collegiate and alumni women.
    Not just four years, being scared of nationals is for life.
  22. There are currently 70 men’s collegiate fraternities that are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (IFC).
    Slowly chapters are leaving the IFC, but for now, it’s still a whole bunch of dudes working for the greater good (and a greater time).
  23. There are currently 19 Greek organizations (nine fraternities and ten sororities) with cultural affiliations.
    There really is something for everyone.
  24. A lot of our initiation and chapter rituals are adopted from Masonic practice or ancient Greece.
    See? There’s some culture in our weird, old robes and the hushed tones we have to use so we don’t wake up the house mom keep our air of mystery.
  25. There are about 9 million student and alumni members of fraternities and sororities in North America (which is about 3 percent of the total population).
    Though we be but little we is fierce.
  26. Since 1900, 63 percent of members of the United States cabinet have been members of Greek life.
    Who run the world? Greeks.
  27. Colleges graduation rates are 20 percent higher among members of Greek-letter organizations than among non-members.
    That why our heads are so big. They’re full of brains.
  28. And Greeks usually have above-average grade point averages.
    All thanks to supportive members, lots of coffee, and a little help from the study bank.
  29. Forty-three of the nation’s fifty largest corporation heads are Greek members.
    Coincidence that we’re the top of the ladder in college and in the business world? I think not.
  30. Plus, forty of the last forty-seven Supreme Court justices donned Greek letters back in the day.
    Years of sitting in chapter meetings, going to standards, and choosing punishments for the risk management cases must have come in handy.
  31. 85 percent of executives at Fortune 500 companies were members of these prestigious organizations.
    Remember during recruitment when they sold you on connections and networking? They weren’t kidding.
  32. Also, 75 percent of all total college and university donations come from Greeks.
    People say we buy our friends but we’re actually just paying for their kids to go to a kickass school. You’re welcome.
  33. Undergraduate members give an annual average of $7 million to philanthropies.
    All the hours we stood for the kids, bucketed, baked, cleaned, and worked our asses off really paid off. Literally.
  34. And we put 850,000 hours toward charitable causes.
    Cheers to the annoying, mandatory service hours.
  35. 85 percent of the student leaders are members of Greek-letter organizations.
    We know how to get shit done.
  36. 10/10 Greeks who love their chapter wish they could go back after graduation.
    Because honestly? It really was the best four years.


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