36 Real Things That Happen When You Have A Lot Of Roommates


  1. There is hair EVERYWHERE. Literally piles of it. Everywhere.
  2. “There is no way all my shit is going to fit in here.”
  3. Shoes. Everywhere.
  4. There are 4x the amount of visitors.
  5. There are 4x the amount of clothes strewn about the room.
  6. At some point, the clothes of someone who doesn’t live there will appear on your floor.
  7. Cords, everywhere.
  8. Four outlets per room, fifteen appliances per person. Not cool.
  9. If you’re a clean freak, too bad.
  10. Any extra space becomes an abyss for everyone’s random shit.
  11. Want clean white walls to look minimalist chic? Nope.
  12. Want art on the walls? It all clashes.
  13. Matching color scheme? Forget about it.
  14. Other closets to shop from is a gift from God.
  15. WWIII could be started over the lights.
  16. One girl’s drama is everyone’s drama.
  17. Someone will always get the shitty bed, and never let you hear the end of it.
  18. Clothes are always hanging from every possible surface.
  19. Shy about your body? LOL too bad so sad. It’s basically a nudist colony.
  20. If one girl is going to an event, everyone else helps her get ready. It’s like Cinderella in here.
  21. Talking shit on the room whiteboard is a daily activity.
  22. If one girl is sick, the room becomes a cesspool of viral plague.
  23. One girl will have a klepto friend who is banned from the room.
  24. The smell of multiple flatirons going at one time. 8th circle of hell.
  25. You’ll never get any homework done.
  26. You trip over backpacks, suitcases, coolers, hampers on the daily.
  27. If you run out of any kind of beauty product, odds are someone else will let you borrow some.
  28. There’s always medicine for whatever you may have.
  29. You get waaay too comfortable with each other.
  30. Your roommates are either yelling at you to get out of bed, or they’re in it with you watching Netflix.
  31. You always have someone to go to the gym with you.
  32. Someone will always hold you accountable for going to class and doing your work.
  33. It really is like having a sleepover every night.
  34. These girls always have your back 100 percent.
  35. The only date night you’re having is with your roommates. You’re basically in a relationship.
  36. Or you might just hate each other by the end of it.
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