36 Moments When You Realize That Your Letters Are For Life

For life

  1. When you ran home on Bid Day and met strangers who turned into sisters.
  2. The ones who taught you the hand signs you now know to always throw.
  3. And the chants that you hum under your breath when life gets hard to handle.
  4. When you unwrapped the key to finding your big.
  5. And you ran into her embrace, the one that forever makes you feel safe.
  6. When you dressed in all white, and learned the secrets behind your letters.
  7. And you agreed to be a sister for life, knowing that this was something special.
  8. When you met a girl during recruitment and knew that she had to be in your family.
  9. And when she ran into your awaiting arms as you welcomed her home.
  10. When that little list was posted and your love for your sisterhood swelled even more than you knew possible.
  11. And when you saw the girl who you care for more than yourself, become your sister during initiation.
  12. When you got to call her your “little” and fell more in love with her everyday.
  13. And then you watched your littles get littles of their own.
  14. And you finally understood how this sisterhood was so much more than just yourself.
  15. As you watched girls grow up, right before your eyes.
  16. When you started senior year with hesitation and dread.
  17. But had a whole support group of sisters promising to be by your side until the end.
  18. When you chose to stay in with your friends, instead of going out with the boys.
  19. And when you finally cared about what would happen to the chapter, because it was becoming more sacred each and every day.
  20. When you interviewed for jobs, and realized how much you’ll miss this place after graduation.
  21. And when you tried to turn minutes into hours, and days into weeks, because you couldn’t imagine not waking up with your best friends down the hall.
  22. When you got ready for your senior speech, and tried to figure out how to say everything this chapter has given to you.
  23. And when you started sobbing during your last chapter, while looking over a sea of faces you knew so well.
  24. And you were given a stole with your letters, sewed proudly on the front.
  25. That moment when you officially became an alumna, and you had no idea how college went by so fast.
  26. When you took grad photos with your family, and felt a mix of happiness and pain because this was it.
  27. When you promised to always be there, to the people who matter most to you.
  28. And when you woke up the morning of graduation, and knew that the rest of your life was waiting.
  29. When you walked across that stage, with your sisters’ love in your heart, and a world of memories to carry you forward.
  30. And the promise of a support system, no matter where you go.
  31. When you received love from your sisters, no matter where life took you.
  32. The first time you visited your chapter, and saw familiar faces, that made you feel whole again.
  33. And you laughed, and hugged, and carried on like no time had passed.
  34. When you met a sister from another chapter, at a different walk of life.
  35. And the magnitude of this commitment finally settled in your heart.
  36. Because despite the sadness you face when leaving, one day you realize that your time is never over. Your undergrad is just the start of a lifetime of support. And in that moment, you finally understand that these letters, this sisterhood, and these sincere friendship aren’t for four years, but they really, truly, are for life.

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Rachel Varina

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