35 Times You Fell In Love With Ryan Gosling For His 35th Birthday

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling. He’s the guy we’ve all fallen in love with time and time again. Whether he’s insane, a nice guy, or sort of a dick, we can’t help but adore him. And so, on his thirty-fifth birthday, I’d like to take a moment for Ryan. To reminisce about our relationship with him, if you will. Because no matter how long it is since we’ve seen each other, he always knows just what to say, and exactly how to look. Here are a few of the many times we’ve fallen in love with him. Because with him, the love is everlasting, ever growing, and ever so hot.

  1. When he started the beard trend and our world was forever changed.
  2. Abs. That’s all. Just abs.
  3. And when he made wearing glasses a total aphrodisiac.
  4. The nose scrunch.
  5. That time he starred in a porn about pizza, or something.
  6. When you sat through Drive just because he was in it.
  7. The moment you realized that he was the most relatable person in the world.
  8. And when you lowkey wished he was creepin’ on you.
  9. When he managed to look sexy AF while working in a steel mill.
  10. And you 100 percent wished you were her.
  11. And her.
  12. And her.
  13. When he wore sunglasses inside, so you wanted to wear sunglasses inside.
  14. How baby Ryan just knew that he was going to turn into a total fox someday.
  15. When he made crazy look pretty hot.
  16. Okay, really hot.
  17. How he made that hat his bitch.
  18. When he finally ate his cereal.
  19. The second you realized that he was total boyfriend material.
  20. And you dreamt about your lives together.
  21. And you wanted nothing more than to make him laugh forever.
  22. And that giggle? Ugh.
  23. When you weren’t bothered. Like, at all.
  24. All of the times you made your boyfriend reenact this exact scene.
  25. And this scene.
  26. And this scene, because if you couldn’t have Ryan, you’d turn some other guy into Ryan.
  27. When you did find him attractive. You totally, totally did.
  28. And the way he somehow made a male cardigan look cool.
  29. When you wished you were that the one yelling at him.
  30. And all you wanted in life was for him to look at you like that when you were cuddled down in his nook made of muscle and man.
  31. All of those times your sex life felt very, very inadequate.
  32. And when you pretty much felt like you lost your virginity to him too.
  33. How he always knows just what to say.
  34. Who he is as a person.
  35. And when the stars aligned and we felt exactly the same way.

I love you.

Image via Youtube / Stef Bauwens

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