34 Ways Being In A Sorority Is Exactly Like Being A Girl Scout

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts were the actual embodiment of “cool” in elementary school. You had a special uniform and you lowkey made fun of the girls who weren’t in Brownies with you. You were the “cute” girls and your mom was beyond proud when you decided to join. Being in Girl Scouts was. The. Dream. You got to hang out with your friends, go on cool field trips, and sing songs about everything. And the best part?  NO BOYS! As we’ve grown up and grown out of our cherished vests and badges (which might still make the occasional appearance for a social) we can’t help but appreciate how much being in Girl Scouts prepared us for sorority life. Sure, there are some differences, but the truth is? Sorority girls are just Girl Scouts who grew up and got better at doing their makeup.

  1. You’re a club full of JUST girls. But you have a partner club full of boys who you can’t help but pay attention to.
  2. You pay someone every month to stay active.
  3. Well, you know. Your parents pay someone every month so you can stay active.
  4. You have this older, wiser person who does everything with the group and isn’t afraid to put her foot down when too much fun is happening. It used to be the Troop Leader and now it’s your Advisor. No matter how old you get, you still hate, fear, and respect her all the same.
  5. Volunteering. Lots and lots of volunteering.
  6. And you had to miss out on fun things because it was your shift to sit at a table and beg people for money.
  7. And yes. You still try to bribe people with cookies and/or baked goods.
  8. Plus you always snag a box or a cupcake on your way out because after sitting in the hot sun for hours and trying to sell the shit, you really DGAF.
  9. Crafting. Being a Girl Scout was like a pregame for all the crafting you’ll do in a sorority.
  10. Because even as a child, everything you did involved some sort of paint, glitter, or rhinestones.
  11. You get a t-shirt for literally EVERYTHING.
  12. T-shirts that, years later, you still can’t bring yourself to throw out.
  13. You memorize lots and lots of laws.
  14. And you promised to be held to a higher standard than the other basic bitches out there.
  15. Retreat was/is basically like sleep-away camp weekend.
  16. And you relished the chance to bond with different girls, stay up all night gossiping about guys, and play pranks on each other.
  17. Because you’re never, ever too old to freeze a bra and text a guy your friend likes while she’s asleep.
  18. There were different Troop numbers that you rivaled with.
  19. And one girl could make you totally hate the entire group.
  20. But you always managed to have friends in other Troops, and you’d defend them when other girls started hating on them.
  21. You learned approximately 300 different songs.
  22. And you will never, ever forget any of them.
  23. They will still randomly pop into your head in the middle of the day.
  24. And if you hear another girl humming one, you immediately freak out and ask her how she knows it.
  25. You know the whole history of how the organization came about.
  26. And you take pride in sharing facts and good things your group does with other people.
  27. You go through a ritual to move up in rank (Brownie-Junior-Cadette just like PNM-New Member-Sister), and you still feel sentimental when you think back to those events.
  28. You wear pins to every single meeting.
  29. And whenever you go anywhere dressed in your uniform or representing your letters.
  30. Despite how small and trivial they seem, you honor them with the utmost respect.
  31. Leadership skills. Learning how to work in a group. Immediate resume boosters and networking opportunities.
  32. You have a huge backing of alumni across the whole country which you can use to your advantage long after your active days are over.
  33. And you get to be sisters with a bunch of girls you’re not related to.
  34. No matter how much time has passed since you were in the chapter or troop, the skills you acquired, the memories you made, and the friendships you developed will last a lifetime.

Besides, your love of Thin Mints just got stronger with age.

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