34 Things All Girls Are Shamelessly Obsessed With

34 Things All Girls Are Shamelessly Obsessed With

  1. Monograms. Something about putting our initials on all our possessions makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  2. Long showers. They’re the best for tired mornings, rough days, and when we just really need a place to cry alone. (Don’t look at me.)
  3. Puppies. “Oh, his eyes are just so sad and adorable all at the same time!”
  4. Kittens. What girl doesn’t love a little, fuzzy ball of cuteness?
  5. Puppies and kittens on Instagram. Because there’s no way in hell we could actually take care of one by ourselves.
  6. Shirtless men in movies. #Dead.
  7. Boys. Preferably ones with muscles, 5 o’clock shadows, and bow ties.
  8. Quotes. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of a comfortable push-up bra.”
  9. Quote tattoos. Bonus points if it’s on your ribs.
  10. Being tan. Let there be no mistake, bitches love being tan.
  11. Leggings. It’s like wearing pants only not at all.
  12. Wine glasses. Drinking a vodka cran never looked classier.
  13. Tumblers. How else would you sneak mixed drinks into class unnoticed?
  14. Hot foreign exchange students. “I looooove your accent.”
  15. Hot professors. “So when are your office hours?”
  16. Planners. Without them, our lives would fall apart (and we wouldn’t have anything to doodle in during chapter).
  17. Laptop decals. Never have there been so many witty ways to frame an apple.
  18. Taylor Swift. Thanks to her dancing like a white girl is now acceptable in most public venues.
  19. Beyoncé. Who runs the world? Beyoncé, that’s who.
  20. Dressing up for concerts. It’s like one giant theme party. See, dreams really do come true.
  21. Pinterest. It’s the perfect way to show all our favorite things we will never be able to find nor afford.
  22. Equestrian boots. They’re the only shoes that are both fashionable and socially acceptable with literally any outfit.
  23. Lip gloss. You don’t know the true meaning of the word “struggle” until you forget your lip gloss.
  24. Sending ugly Snapchats. The more chins the better.
  25. Our ex’s. Ugh.
  26. Our boyfriend’s ex’s. UGHHHHH!
  27. Caffiene. Starbucks and Diet Coke are the lifeblood to our bodies.
  28. Mac ‘n’ cheese. No one is as perfect as mac ‘n’ cheese.
  29. Pizza. We usually pair it with some Netflix and a side of regret.
  30. Ice Cream. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a full tub of double fudge ice cream to fill the hole in your heart?
  31. Changing our hair. And crying about it later.
  32. Disney. No matter how many parents they kill off, we will always be singing their songs years later.
  33. Boxed wine. There’s really no other feasible way to support our drinking habits.
  34. Emojis. How else would we adequately discuss our hookups in the group text without penis-shaped emojis? Let’s face it, without emojis our lives would be incomplete.

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