33 Things Worse For Women Than That Bama Alpha Phi Sorority Video


Alabama Alpha Phi has been under attack by the media lately for making a seemingly cute and innocent recruitment video. If you’ve seen it, you know it looks just like any other recruitment video in the game. It’s got all the essentials: glitter blowing, slow motion jumping, not-so candid laughter, the whole nine yards. Nothing really threatening to women whatsoever, unless you’re A.L. Bailey. Bailey claimed that Alpha Phi’s slow motion jumping and glitter blowing is “Worse For Women Than Donald Trump.” Oh okay, totally. Makes perfect sense.

If we’re going to use Miss Bailey’s logic, here are some other things that could quite possibly be worse for women that that Alpha Phi video.

  1. Wage gaps.
  2. Feminism’s negative connotation.
  3. Cost of college textbooks.
  4. Meninists.
  5. Healthcare that doesn’t cover birth control.
  6. Ann Coulter.
  7. Taylor Swift.
  8. Those weird thong bikini bottoms.
  9. That unreachable back section of your hair.
  10. Childbirth.
  11. “Sweetheart.”
  12. “Honey.”
  13. “Dollface.”
  14. That drunk guy that can’t take a hint.
  15. Kylie’s new lips, tits, and ass.
  16. The price of pretty bras and panties.
  17. Instagram models.
  18. Tampon commercials.
  19. Armpit fat.
  20. Not knowing your correct bra size.
  21. Those long ass periods that last longer than five days.
  22. Any MTV reality “star.”
  23. Pokes on Facebook.
  24. Foundation that doesn’t match your neck.
  25. Minions.
  26. Girls who pretend to like beer.
  27. Any Ying Yang Twins song.
  28. That friend that only edits herself in photos.
  29. Junior high photo evidence.
  30. Bad pickup lines.
  31. The ineffectiveness of the elliptical.
  32. Donald Trump.
  33. Literally anything else.

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